Halloween Trick or Treating Safety Tips

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Happy Halloween! This is one of my favorite holidays as an adult, and it is certainly a fun holiday for the littles. But going out trick-or-treating can be on the dangerous side. Here are some safety tips for having fun on Halloween.


Halloween Safety Tips

  • Always have an adult with the kids. There are so many safety concerns, and not just traffic related. Make sure everyone knows how to cross the street safely and hold hands. Make sure they know not to get in a stranger’s car. Be sure to carry flashlights.
  • Know the schedule and route. If you’re not with them, know the route and have the kids (or the adult with them) check in with you during the evening. Have a set time they are expected to be home.
  • Do a search for sex offenders, and know which houses to avoid. Those houses are not allowed to participate or even put up decorations and must have their lights off.
  • Avoid houses with their lights turned off. Partly for the reason above but that also is a signal of people not participating and do not wish to be disturbed.
  • Make sure the costumes are safe. The kids should be able to walk freely without getting tangled in their costume or tripping. Masks shouldn’t obstruct their view. Accessories should not be sharp or dangerous.
  • Have the kids eat prior to going out trick or treating so they aren’t tempted to eat the candy before you can look through it.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween! My son is still a bit young to understand trick-or-treating so we’ll be passing out candy to the neighbors. We went to a trunk or treat event earlier this month and my little man was an adorable ninja turtle.  I’d love to hear all about your costumes and how much fun everyone has!

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