How to Cycle your Social Media Shares for FREE with RecurPost

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I recently learned about, and so far it seems to be the only free option for a huge library of posts. It did take me some tinkering to set up my Twitter recurring posts, so I thought I’d do a quick tutorial on how to set up your social media shares using the RecurPost platform. For this tutorial, I’m setting up shares for my Facebook Page.
Edited to add: The free version is up to 100 items in your library. That’s a whole lot, but it isn’t infinite. Still, it is way more than the other options out there.


Using RecurPost for Social Media: Step 1 – Add Social Account

After you create your RecurPost account, go to Social Accounts and link the account you will use. You can link your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. You can see I have my Twitter and Facebook Page linked to my RecurPost account.


Using RecurPost for Social Media: Step 2 – Add Content Library

Next, we go to Content Library and add a new library. You can see I already have one set up for my Twitter, and I’ll set up a separate one for my Facebook page. Hint: don’t check the one-time use button so you can continue to repost from that content library.


The next thing we do is make sure you go back to the Content Library page (since it seems to move me to the editorial calendar dashboard) and then click on the library where you will add the posts.


You will then have a chance to “Add an Update” or “Add in Bulk.”  Let’s use the bulk because hello time saver! I just grabbed the titles and URLs of a few posts and typed them into notepad with an “enter” to count as a new line. Then I pasted into the bulk loader text option and clicked “add to library.”


The bulk loader then creates the posts for you to preview (give it a moment or ten to load the images and such if you bulk loaded 20+ posts like I did after this example) and you can edit the text if you want to say more than just the title. I used the title to be quick. If you were filling up a Twitter content library, you would include hashtags and make sure not to exceed the character limit. For Facebook, I’ll just do a quick message.

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You can review all the posts to make sure the right post is showing in the preview and tweak the message as needed. It also gives you the option to change the image in the preview, where you can upload a different image from your computer. You also see a “stop recycling after” option, and this is perfect for seasonal or holiday posts. You can leave Evergreen posts on a forever loop.

Then click “Add to Library” and your library is set! Add in all your best posts that you want to share again and again, and any collaborative posts or friend’s posts that you want to continue to share. You can even do a photo update (I demonstrated the text update) if you want to upload an image to go along with a message or link.

Now, if you uploaded your posts in order by going down your post list, you can hit the “shuffle” link at the very top of your content library posts to mix things up.

Using RecurPost for Social Media: Step 3 – Add Schedule

The next thing you need is the schedule.

As you can see I already have a schedule for my Twitter sharing but not yet one for my Facebook Page. Click “Add New Schedule.”


To assign the schedule properly, there are four steps to take on this page.


  • Select the appropriate content library from the drop-down menu
  • Check the correct associated social media account
  • Select frequency. Daily is the default.
  • Select scheduled time. You can check the box for “auto-schedule for best time every day” (but I honestly don’t know what time RecurPost thinks is best – I’m going to try it out and see) or select a particular time from the drop down menu. Then click “Add to Frequency.”

Then save the schedule by clicking “add schedule “at the bottom of the page.

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Phew! Now give it a day to schedule your stuff, and you’ll start to see your posts shared on social media automagically! Then you can go back and add to the content library and the schedule and account are already set up to use that.

Follow these same steps to create a new content library and social media account pairing.

There’s a lot more you can do with RecurPost, such as set up an RSS feed to add to your content library (either after approval, or automatically).  You can also view reports and see how your posts are performing. You can apply a shortener to your links automatically. Tons of good stuff.

Let me know how it works out for you!


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6 responses to “How to Cycle your Social Media Shares for FREE with RecurPost

  1. This looks really interesting, one to check out. There’s Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Oomph etc; would be nice to explore this and see if it’s quicker. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • I’m not familiar with Social Oomph but Buffer and Hootsuite are limited free and do not automatically do anything – it all has to be scheduled. I prefer the set it and forget it route 🙂

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