Year-End Goals Check-in

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At the start of the year, I shared my goals for 2015. These goals fall into categories of Life, Home, Financial, Body, and Mind. Now that we’re in the final month of the year, I wanted to reflect on how I did this year.


Find Balance. Find balance between family and work and friends and hobbies. Check-in: I’m managing balancing work and family quite well, and have gotten better with friends and hobbies too. I’m doing well juggling the blogs and I’ve read more than expected, while commuting. I even have recently found time to read a book at home, a few chapters here and there. Maybe I’ll even finish it this year. I do miss some of my friends who I rarely get to see, but I’ve gone to a few book club meetings, even hosted one, and so I’ve been making more time for my hobbies with baby in tow when I can.

Make time for myself and allow myself to step back. Allow myself to take a step back from some activities and focus on some me time. This might mean attending fewer bookish events (gasp!) and missing some movie nights with friends, but I’d love to find time to curl up in my home library and read. Check-in: I haven’t attended a single bookish/author event this year, so that is definitely stepping back. However, I still haven’t I managed to find time to curl up with a book in my home library. I’m always wherever Baby H is (well, Toddler H now).

Do not engage the mommy guilt trolls!  I can only do so much, and the most important thing is to love my baby and meet his needs – how I go about doing that is to be determined by what works best for our family and not based on what the supermoms can do. Check-in: Participating in the 31 days of Mommitment event really helped with this. We Moms are awesome and it is important to support each other. I also did a post on 5 ways to fight the Mommy guilt that people have really liked.

Make memories and live in the moment. I often tend to be thinking about what comes next and planning for future events, that I forget to enjoy what I’m doing now.  Take the baby to parks, play groups, etc, and spend more time playing and enjoying him. Check-in: I’ve taken the baby to a few birthday parties, and we’ve even made it out to the park and I swung him on the baby swings. I am spending a lot of time with him and enjoying his milestones so I’m doing quite well in this goal.

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Organize the house and finish unpacking already. I got pregnant right after moving into this house, so not all of the unpacking occurred. Some things are still in boxes hidden in corners of rooms because I just didn’t know what to do with them at the time, and then I stopped caring. Here are some things that need to get done:

  • Organize the home office. I have the closet full of boxes that need to be unpacked and places found for. I have important documents piled on the file cabinets that actually need to get sorted and put *in* the file cabinet.
  • Bedroom decluttering. There are still some boxes in our master bedroom and bathroom that I haven’t fully unpacked.
  • Kitchen decluttering/organization. All the baby stuff is kind of piled around and I’d like to come up with a better system and reduce some of the clutter on our counters. 

Check-in: Well, I can’t say I have done much organizing between the sleepless nights and working full time. I did finally sort and file a year’s worth of paperwork, which felt quite nice, and I’ve been trying not to let  it pile up again. The closet in the home office is still full of boxes. We did declutter a few corners here and there and the kitchen is looking a little better. This is definitely a carry over goal to 2016.


Budget – make one and keep to it.  Before hiring the nanny, we evaluated our budget and figured out what our maximum (unclaimed by bills, fuel, grocery, etc) disposable income is. We also are working on a plan to pay down our loans (especially hubby’s student loans) by increasing the payments for one loan until we pay it off, then applying that full extra payment amount onto the next loan, and so forth. Check-in: We’re not being very good with our budget and so nothing extra is currently being put on student loans since we’re just trying to break even. We’ll need to revisit this after the dust settles in 2016.


Recover, and lose the baby weight. I need to move more. I also need to eat healthy and continue the habits I started making while on the gestational diabetes diet. I still have about 15 pounds to lose before I get back to my pre-pregnancy and post-Jenny Craig weight. Check-in: Well, I had managed to lose almost 20 pounds on maternity leave, but then I gained it back after returning to work (*face palm*). I don’t work out enough, I just don’t have the energy or time yet. I think I’m eating healthy and making decent choices most of the time. I’m also drinking more water, which is important. I have gotten stronger and am carrying around my now-24-pound turkey and chasing him around without collapsing. So I can say I’ve recovered, but I do need to keep working on my overall health. This is another goal to carry into 2016.

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Breastfeed for at least 6 months. Even though I’m breastfeeding, I still end up needing to supplement with formula.  I hope to continue nursing even if only in the morning and evening on weekdays. Check-in: We made it to 6 months of breastfeeding and then we made it to a year! I haven’t quit yet, despite the supply and latch issues, though we’ll be winding down slowly as I’ve stopped pumping at work.


Read! My Goodreads goal is to read 55 books this year (I was trying to be reasonable based on how busy my life was this past year and I only read 68 books). I also plan to read some of the books I own, and stop buying new books (with exceptions) per our challenge we are hosting on the book blog. Check-in: Thanks to audio books, I am going to meet and maybe exceed my overall reading goal. But I’m totally failing in reading physical books curled up in my home library. My home library is so sad.

Blog more consistently. I’ve done better with this blog and bringing it back to life, then took a break again when I had the baby. I now wish to get back into a better blogging routine here and try to post at least once a week. Check-in: I’m quite proud of how well I’ve been doing with the blog. I’ve blogged consistently and multiple times per week. I started a weekly linky party with a friend (Gratitude and Goals) and have participated in other prompts and parties, as well as have done some guest posting and increased my influencer posts. I’m very proud of how well this blog is doing, though I really feel like I need a rebrand but don’t have any ideas at this point.


How did you do with your goals?



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13 responses to “Year-End Goals Check-in

  1. Awesome that you’ve done pretty well with all of the goals you’ve set out for yourself! And also acknowledging areas that may need further improvement and/or amending. Not too many people can evaluate and assess in that manner. Good luck with your 2016 goals!

    • Blogging through your goals or plans is definitely helpful to keep accountable but also to remember what it was you set out to do 🙂

  2. You’ve done so very well. Getting one’s house and finances as one wants is challenging and time-consuming … and the weight loss … my, my, my, where do I start? All the very best with your carry over goals into the new year. This is a very helpful exercise. #CommentLuv

  3. I am so impressed with how motivated you have been to accomplish all that in a year! The fact that you still remember what your goals were puts me to shame (I’ve completely given up in that area but I know I need to put my head down and tail up for 2016 – maybe I’ll borrow some of yours!) thanks for sharing at the #OverTheMoon linky 🙂 ~ Leanne

    • It helps to blog about them, then you can look at your goals list again and kick yourself a few times 😉 You’re welcome to borrow any of these that work for you 🙂

    • You definitely should! It helps to understand what you want to do and keep track of it. And of course blogging the goals lets others support you, too.

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