Ways to Have Fun Doing Chores

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13 Ways to Have Fun While Doing Chores


13 Ways to Have Fun While Doing Chores

Ways to Have Fun While Doing Chores


Many people dislike the idea of doing household chores. After all, they can be so dull and mind-numbing. But it does not have to be that way. Just follow the steps below, and you are guaranteed to have fun while doing your daily chores.


  1. Listen to great music. Get a portable music player and load up your favorite inspirational or upbeat music. This way, you can sing or dance along while working on something. Alternatively, if you have no working player available at home, tidy your home following the beat of a song you know.


  1. Open a few windows and doors and turn up the lights. By doing so, you fill your house with fresh air and a lot of light. Both can make you feel better as you clean.


  1. Add an element of play to your chores. One great idea that works is to time how fast you can finish a task well. Reward yourself for every task you can finish within a certain time frame.


  1. Run your imagination as you work. This is related to the above, except that the reward is being able to replay in your mind the fun scenarios you used to think of as a kid. That said, you can, for example, pretend that you’re a cook for a gang of pirates if you’re cooking a meal for your kids. For maximum benefit, you can let your kids pretend to be pirates.


  1. Take short breaks, but only if you begin to feel a bit tired. You can munch on a snack, dance, belt out a song, or whatever you think will be a fun activity for the time. Just make sure to keep the break short.


  1. Pretend that you are a basketball player and toss a piece of trash into the bin from a short distance away.
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  1. When clearing the storage area, check out the appearances of any old items you once loved and how they have changed as time passed. As you feel and look at the surfaces of each item, remember the good times you had with said items. Don’t take too long doing this, however, if you have other tasks to do. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy reminiscing the times you spent using the item for its intended purpose, whether for work or play.


  1. Doing chores in the evening? Make the ambiance relaxing when you switch on soft lighting and place candles near you.


  1. Will you be doing chores with the rest of your family? Chatting while working can make the job more fun, not to mention allows for the resolution of any issues you may have with each other.


  1. Folding laundry can be made more fun over a great movie.


  1. Sip your favorite beverage while you work.


  1. Wear a soft pair of slippers so you’ll feel as light as a feather as you work.


  1. While on your break, change your work hairstyle. More fun is in store for you if you have Human Hair Extension Online products on your head during the time you do your chores.


The items in the list above are not the only things you can do to have fun while doing chores. While you go through the above items or do any of them, it’s possible to come across other ideas. Note those ideas down on scraps of paper and keep the fun in household chores.

13 Ways to Have Fun While Doing Chores



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