How to Be Successful as A Working Mom in 2018

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How to Be Successful as A Working Mom in 2018


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Tips for How to Be Successful as A Working Mom in 2018

We’re on the edge of a new year, and a lot of moms are looking for ways to balance everything. This isn’t a new concept, but it seems like moms in the modern and digitally-driven era put more pressure on themselves than ever because there are constant reminders on blog posts and social media that they’re just not doing enough, or so it would seem.

If you’re excelling in your career you might feel like your kids aren’t getting the best of you, and if you’re putting a lot of focus on your kids, you may feel like the people at work are resentful, or you’re not productive enough.

It’s an age-old question of how working moms can balance at all, but what are the habits of women who seem to do it particularly well? The following are some tips to be successful as a working mom in 2018, without feeling like you’re letting one area fall through the cracks.

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Split Your Shifts

If you work from home, it can be tough to give your kids attention during your work hours, but you do have more flexibility. This can make it easier to do something called splitting your shifts.

Basically, you can create different chunks of your day where your priorities are in different places, rather than following a traditional 8-hour workday plan. You might work for three hours in the morning, three in the afternoon, and two after your kids go to bed.

For example, early mornings may be all work driven, while afternoons may be about the kids.

If you don’t work from home, you can still make this work. One idea is by not checking your emails until in the evening after your kids have gone to bed. This can allow you to spend your entire workday as productively as possible and be doing things you can’t do from home, then your afternoon or early evening can be spent on mom duty. As your day is winding down, you can give your attention to emails, since you can do this from anywhere.

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Don’t Count Out Working On the Weekends

If you want to spend more time with your kids during the weekday, think about working on weekends instead.

It can work out well when dads or partners are around to help take on some of the childcare responsibilities, and you can get more uninterrupted work time while taking away some of the time you spend grinding away on weekdays.

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Stop Obsessing Over the Small Stuff

It can be hard for driven women to feel like they’re letting anything go, but there are a lot of things we spend time on that really aren’t that important.

For example, it doesn’t matter if you go to every single event at school during the year, nor does it matter if you make the beds in your home every day. It’s okay to let things go and focus on your biggest priorities.

Finally, know the routine that works best for you. One of the primary habits of successful people, mothers or otherwise, is that they find a routine that works for them and they stick with it. You might find that doing your hardest and most pressing work first thing in the morning is best and lets you put all of your focus on family time later on. Whatever it is, routines are so important not just to balance your life, but to become successful in the process.



How to Be Successful as A Working Mom in 2018

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