Simple Toddler Activities you can do Right Now with what you have on hand

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As a working mom, the time I do get to spend with my son is very precious. I’m always on the lookout for very simple activities we can do together at home, preferably with stuff we already have on hand. One of my goals is to be more present with him and not just let the weekends pass us by. I even mentioned this in a recent IG post. In fact, I’ll just let IG show off what we did this weekend.



There are so many moments we can use to do a quick learning game or try something new. This past weekend I really focused on these goals and am happy to report that we were quite successful in having simple happy fun times around the house. I wanted to share these simple activities and play time we had to inspire other busy, tired moms like myself.

Simple Toddler Activities you can do Right Now with what you have on hand

Simple Activities with my Toddler, Meeting my Weekend Goals




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The first activity we did was spontaneous. We had to get our fridge repaired because thing number I lost count broke (thanks, Deployment Murphy), and I had to keep the little guy out of the refrigerator and let the technician do his job. Since we had to defrost it, we played with ice. I just got a large bowl full of ice, a smaller bowl for him to transfer to, and gave him tongs. He experimented with various ways, touching the ice, moving the ice, trying to use the tongs but mostly chewing on them. He had fun, got a sensory and fine motor practice game, and I got him to stay out of the fridge. This activity was a total win and is super simple to do.



Another simple activity we did was a different fine motor practice, and playing with food. Because playing with food is fun times. Take any ripe fruit and slice it. Grab some uncooked pasta sticks, and stick them in the fruit. And hand the baby some O-shaped cereal. Sliding Cheerios onto spaghetti sticks is some serious fun, even if it is a bit complicated and requires careful work. It is also fun to then tear it all apart and feed the cereal to the dogs.



Also never underestimate the simple and enjoyable activity of playing outdoors. The grass was just too wet to run around on after all the rains we’ve had, so we hung out on the patio with a bucket, some sand, and water. The little one had a blast, got messy, and later passed out while I was pushing him in the bucket swing.

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I totally met my goals for intentional play with my son, and he had a fun weekend with getting to try new things. I didn’t have to go anywhere or buy special ingredients. This is the kind of fun I prefer to have. Easy. Peasy. Stuff I have on hand. Entertains and teaches or practices a few new skills. Win-win for all.

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What simple toddler activities do you do at home?



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20 responses to “Simple Toddler Activities you can do Right Now with what you have on hand

  1. I’m homeschooling two older kids so I can never (ever, ever) have enough fresh ideas to keep my toddler entertained. I love the Cheerio stacking with a spaghetti noodle! Fine motor practice + edible? Yes, please 🙂

  2. This is great. It sometimes easy to forget we have so many fun things at home already. No need to buy new things. This makes me want to try to get more creative with things we have on hand. ?

  3. These are such practical ideas. My 1 year old son is always carrying around a bucket when we are outside and putting random things in it. I just let him go because he is exploring the feeling of so many different things and working those fingers!

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