Side Hustle Series: Changing How We Look At SEO

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Changing How We Look At SEO; Daniel Anton’s Story

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Have you ever wanted something so bad but unsure how to start? I’m sure you’ve heard several rags to riches story of those that have really made something of themselves but start off with nothing. These stories are inspiring, uplifting and making us believe that we too can create something ourselves.

For Daniel Anton, his story began when he was a teenager. He always loved tinkering with computers and soon realized his passion could be turned into a career. After graduating college he thought he should join the Army, especially because it was so close following 9/11 but he left the army shortly after due to an injury. Eventually, he gravitated back to his online passion by becoming a software creator.

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The deployment had given Dan a deep sense of passion for everyday life, and taking risks in the private sector was nothing compared to the real risks of the men that served under him every day when he was in Iraq. This laid the foundation for a lifetime of marketing experience. While other networks received funding or had large teams behind them, the two-man operation relied on learning every aspect of internet marketing, including SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing. Generating casual video gamer traffic was fun, but it turned into a business by accident.

The knowledge and tactics used were becoming easy for Dan, but he noticed business owners didn’t have the time or desire to market their products or services themselves online. He and his brother Matt began to get clients locally and from business forums.

In the early stages of their agency, Matt was the online marketing manager of Liberty Travel by day, while Dan worked on complicated systems and solutions to very common problems plaguing small business owners – lack of exposure on Google.

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Dan, having a computer science background, saw inefficiencies in repetitive human-based tasks and developed software to assist in the process of increasing rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. The military experience as an officer taught him the importance of detail, which birthed easy to use, yet effective software. Dan’s software products and services were helping other webmasters dominate their competition, both locally and nationally, and the help desk support was soon flooded with members seeking a more complete, full, digital marketing service.

The combination of Onpage SEO practices, case studies, and hyper-personalized videos created high click-through rates, astonishingly high time spent on site, and low bounce rates. By obtaining more website mentions, both manually and automatically, as well as having better user metrics, the agency dominates the competition and applies the same strategies for its clients.

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The SEO industry is in constant flux, with principles such as long-term projections and efficient scaling has given Dan a unique advantage, allowing him to stay relevant and influential over the past decade in search.

Today Dan runs over various different companies, learning to solve some of the hardest problems and truly enjoying every step of the game. He really looks at how he can rank your business or blog to reach its full potential through backlinks, clicks per link and more! He’s an “SEO Master” with RankCrew as well as an innovator in helping so many businesses reach their top rank on Google. RankCrew offers a variety of different packages to help boost your business, at all at an affordable rate and a significant difference to keep your business in the reach of those looking for your particular product.

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This is just Dan’s story, and there are thousands of other military veterans turned private sector successes. We thank the brave men and women that continue to put on the uniform, to give those that transitioned the freedom to choose their path of excellence.

Dan Anton retired as an Infantry Airborne Army Ranger Major, a two-time Iraq combat war veteran, and recipient of two bronze stars. Follow Dan’s journey on his Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn pages!



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