How To Save Up For Baby in 7 Simple Ways

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How To Save Up For Baby in 7 Simple Ways #parenting #baby #newmom


Having a cuddlesome baby does not mean that it has to cost you a fortune.  There are certain things that you will need to buy like blanket or diapers, but it does not mean that you have to get ahold of each and every piece of furniture. You have to shortlist the priorities. I did the same when I had my first born because I was running short on money and just could not buy everything.  This article will make your job easier by listing the essentials (including nursery furniture essentials) so that you do not have to buy everything.

How To Save Up For Baby in 7 Simple Ways

Smart ways to save on your baby

Try to follow these ideas and you will see that you will have a beautiful nursery for your baby without spending a lot.

1. Save on diapers

The most expensive baby items are the diapers. The problem is that you just cannot do without them. A great option is to buy the diapers from a sale, so you can get adequate stock at an affordable price. However, do not buy a huge stock of diapers initially. For example, only buy one pack of diapers for a newborn because he will outgrow them pretty fast. Buy more diapers on an as-needed basis.

One more thing that you need to remember is that you should not compromise on the quality of the diapers. If you go for low-quality diapers then you may end up cleaning more messes, so be on the look for affordable quality diapers.

2. Go for reasonably priced accessories

You will need to bathe the baby on a regular basis and a small plastic tub will be sufficient. Just make sure that you buy a good quality tub. You do not always have to go for very fancy accessories for the baby.

3. Use your discretion when buying baby nursery furniture

It is always better to buy a new crib for your first born. The reason is that you will want the crib to be as per the standard safety requirements. You can reuse this crib for your second baby. If you have a very tight budget then you can get hold of used cribs as well from a second-hand store. However, make sure that you inspect these cribs prior to the purchase. This way you can set up a safe nursery for your baby.

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If you are buying a crib then opt for a convertible crib. The advantage of such a crib is that it can be converted into a toddler bed in the later years and you will not have to invest in a new bed.

4. Use the mattress wisely

If you have invested on a quality mattress then you may consider adding mattress pads to the mattress. Your mattress will last for a long time because diaper leakage will not reach the mattress.

5. Do not buy a changing table

You can easily do without a changing table. If you have a dresser at home then place a changing pad on the dresser top. You can also add some wall shelves for the purpose of storage.

6. Choose the right baby products for the baby

Do not buy a lot of baby stuff like pacifiers or feeding items initially. Try to buy the minimum number of items at first. When you know the preferences of your baby then you can buy more specific items.

7. Do not go for brands

You do not have to go for labels when you are buying stuff for your baby. You should just ensure that you go for quality items that are budget-friendly as well.

Bonus 8. Keep a check and control over your budget

Now the most important thing to do is that you have to define a budget and you should follow it. You should keep a check on your spending so that you can identify the things that you can cut down on easily.


I hope that you find my ideas useful. You should try out these ideas if you want to cut down on baby expenses. Believe me, these ideas do work. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding my ideas do let me know.


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2 responses to “How To Save Up For Baby in 7 Simple Ways

  1. We used a changing table with my son and I don’t think my daughter’s bottom every touched the surface of it. Now it’s a catch all for clothes. A big money saving tip for not spending too much on baby #2 is to keep everything from baby #1. We did that with my kids, and it saved us a bundle. My poor daughter often gets mistaken for a little boy, but she’s young enough to not even notice. It’s funny because with a second baby you realize all the crazy things you spent money on with the first one, these are some good tips!

    • Buying used helps a lot. So much gear! We used the changing table a lot and now it’s just a dresser. Easier for me than bending over was on my back.

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