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Note: Cardinal Health sent me this product to try and donated to a charity of my choice.

Giving birth does a number on our bodies and recovery introduces new surprises for first-time moms. I knew about and was prepared for the extended postpartum bleeding, but what I wasn’t expecting was all the perineal pain and discomfort. Like millions of other new moms, I experienced a postpartum period that lasted more than six weeks, but thankfully the worst of it was only maybe the first three weeks. That early time was also when I was healing from a perineal tear so it felt like the discomfort and pain would never end.

While I was in the hospital, my nurses had a great idea and cut a slit in the giant maxi pads they gave me and filled them full of ice. I never thought an ice pack would feel that good. Of course, the ice melts, and combined with all the bleeding you do, it got a bit on the messy side and I didn’t do that after returning home. A great solution to this issue is the Cardinal Health™ perineal cold pack. These packs combine a soft, absorbent pad with an instant cold pack, creating a soothing postpartum pad. These cold packs provide consistent cold therapy for up to 30 minutes and the absorbent pads can be applied directly to skin. These packs also activate without refrigeration, so do not require new moms to leave the comfort of the bedroom we are hiding in.

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Cardinal Health provides medical products and services to many medical institutions. I’m excited to learn about this new line of at-home products by Cardinal Health. Their personal care products provide comfort and promote healing while allowing us to be independent and be able to practice self-care after being discharged from the hospital. This is extremely important since our postpartum recovery can feel like it lasts for months! Being able to have access to products to ease the pain and help us heal from the comfort of our homes is wonderful.



Perineal Cold Pack

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