Planning to Rock this Blog in 2017

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Blogging is a wonderful journey. Not only is it a creative outlet and a way to connect with some other amazing people from around the world, and can also be a profitable venture as well.

You know by now that I like to set goals, both lofty long term and smaller scale monthly ones. You’ve seen my monthly Gratitude and Goals posts as well as the check-ins for the year-long goals. If you read my recent year-end check in post, you saw how my year got quite a bit derailed and so my goals got reprioritized. Since there is still some uncertainty in what 2017 will hold, I have decided to split my goals into blogging (this post) and personal (which will come later).

How to Set Goals

But first, let’s talk about setting goals. We’ve all heard about S.M.A.R.T. goals all over the blogosphere lately, and you may have set some already. But in case you haven’t (because you’re dragging your feet like I am), join me in some evaluation and goal setting.

What is a S.M.A.R.T. goal?

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

I don’t know about you, but I don’t find it particularly easy to just rattle off some SMART goals and be done with it. They really take some thinking. So let’s think through some together and maybe we can help each other out.

Blogging Goal #1: Increase Pageviews

Ah, the pageviews. Yes, most of us bloggers chase after those views, because brands want to see beautiful, large numbers, so do ad companies, and really it makes us feel good when others are reading our words, right?

But “increase pageviews” is not a SMART goal, and it needs a bit more work. Is this one of your goals? Then follow along, and we’ll set a good goal together.

I am starting off the year at around 10,000 monthly pageviews. My goal is to double this by mid-year. Goal: by June, I want to see 20,000 average monthly pageviews and hopefully even beyond.

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Is this specific? Yes. Measurable? Yes, I will be watching Google Analytics like a hawk. Attainable? Well yea, so many bloggers are way past the 1 million, so surely I can grow my blog as well. Relevant – absolutely. Timely, yes, I have a schedule. And I think I’ll use June as my goal date for all because a lot is going to change in June one way or another.

See? That’s how we’re going to work on our goals. And let’s go one step further and list out some things that can be done to reach this goal.

  • Write quality posts that resonate with my readers and gets shared.
  • Focus on working mom topics, including lots of helpful tips and some worksheets.
  • Create an editorial calendar, a specific one with plans and dates!
  • Wrap my brain around the SEO course I am taking and apply the keywords appropriately. SEO is hard stuff, people. The course has quickly gotten over my head.

Blogging Goal #2: Grow my Email List

I currently have less than 200 people on my list, and so few of them are reading them.

Goal: Grow my list to 500+ readers by June.

Ideas to help me accomplish this goal:

  • Switch to ConvertKit (currently using MailChimp)
  • Add more content upgrades to posts (plan for some upcoming posts)
  • Make landing pages for some of my best content upgrades
  • Create a “drip” campaign for my best content upgrades to lead to other posts and any products I want to promote
  • Consider a challenge
  • Come up with a schedule!

Blogging Goal #3: Increase Blogging Income

I’m not listing this as #3 because it is third in order of importance, but I feel like the first two feed into this one. I averaged about $500 a month in income from the blog, and my plan is to grow grow grow!

Goal: Double my average blogging income by June – be earning an average of $1,000+ from this blog.

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There are a few things I plan to do to help push this goal to success:

  • I plan to focus on sponsored posts and increase my rates where I can. Where brands or reps contact me directly, I can quote a rate. Working through influencer companies I have to go with their rates, which are usually great anyway.
  • No unpaid brand posts. I don’t want a product in exchange for writing about it. I don’t have time to focus on that. Exceptions can be made for gift guides only.
  • Focus on implementing affiliate marketing strategy that I have learned.

Blogging Goal #4: Finish my e-Courses

I ended up with a lot of blogging courses purchased in 2016. I spent a lot of my blogging income on them, and they need to be absorbed into my brain so I can benefit from them. My goal is to work my way through them.

Goal: Work through one blogging course/ebook/tool I purchased each month. At least through June, if not all year.

Plans and other details:

  • Elite Blog Academy starts in February. I don’t know how long this course is, but I probably can’t focus on any other courses at the same time.
  • Continually learn – so if the course takes longer than one month, keep working through it.
  • Implement what I learn right away!

Let’s Rock these Goals!

I’ll admit I will be quite disappointed if my goals end up being unattainable for me. They are attainable for bloggers in general, so why not me, right? With the help of my blogging tribe and accountability, I should be able to adjust as needed and hopefully, continue to refine and add actionable steps to get at these goals.

What are your blogging goals? Let’s help each other out!



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6 responses to “Planning to Rock this Blog in 2017

  1. These are great goals! Mine are much less specific, but also a bit less lofty. I’m not even close to as many pageviews and followers as you but I guess we’re all starting somewhere. Good luck with keeping yourself on track (and doing all those courses!)

    • OMG SEO is crazy. That course I’m taking so over my head and I really have to change the way I’ve been thinking about blogging lol

  2. Hannah

    Great goals! I love how specific they are! I still need to break down my blogging goals into smaller steps so that they actually happen.

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