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Meal Plan Printable

Family dinners by the seat of your pants don't usually work out. Having a meal plan with go-to meals is key!

We all need to eat, but why is meal time always such a stressful time? You know if you just had a plan you could follow, evenings would flow more smoothly. But do you know how to create a monthly meal plan for your family?

The first step in creating a family meal plan is to think about the meals your family already loves. What are your go-to meals? These are the meals that you can throw together on a regular basis and probably already have ingredients for in the fridge and pantry.

These must be on your meal plan!

The goal is to have one month planned out, rotating variations so you're not eating the same thing every week. Then, just repeat that monthly meal plan unless you feel like making changes.

Grab your meal planner printable now!

Grab your Meal Plan Printable!

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