How to Prepare Freezer Meals to make Dinner Time Easy

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Why does dinner always seem like an oversight and something that we rush to throw together on an almost daily basis?

I’ve struggled with coming up with a family meal plan, but we just end up scrambling on weekends to come up with our food plan and shopping list. Sometimes we do well and pull together a list of recipes that are easy to double, and we have leftovers for lunch the next day or even two nights of food. But we still are not organized enough, and every week we have to go through the same process.

Are you like me?

Do you struggle to get dinner planned and end up eating out more often than you’d like? Do you have good intentions but don’t really follow through with meal planning, always having to throw something together at the last minute? Does meal planning stress you out in general?


Freezer Meals make Dinner Time easy


Sometimes you just have to let someone else do the planning for you.

Sometimes, it is easier just to pick up an already made meal plan, with recipes and a shopping list.

Sometimes, you need to learn new tricks from someone else who is a pro at this meal thing.



I just finished this awesome e-course called Freezer Meals 101 and learned so much about this method of cooking.

I have heard so many people touting freezing meals, and I just didn’t know what was involved. I figured it would take forever to prep so many meals, and meal prep is one of my least favorite tasks in cooking. But it actually saves time to prep in bulk!

The Freezer Meals 101 course teaches six different methods of making freezer meals. You can go all out and make three months at a time as the ladies who teach the video course do, or you can do one week at a time if you’re a freezer meal novice, like me and are cooking solo.

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What really got me the most is the ease of duplication. If you’re already slicing onions, adding another onion doesn’t take up much additional time, and that can now be used in another recipe.

If you’re already making one meal, make two. Or three. Prep it, freeze it. Now you have an extra meal or two ready to go, you just have to thaw and cook, or reheat, depending on the recipe.

That saves so much time on a daily basis and only adds a little bit of time on the weekend when you’re already doing the prep.

I also loved how the ladies teaching the course filled it with tips and tricks they learned along the way. Little shortcuts that make things more streamlined are amazing to know ahead of time and have in your toolbelt before you start a task like this.

For example, regular potatoes don’t freeze well, but frozen tater tots are a great substitution. Same goes for milk, regular milk doesn’t work so well but condensed is fine.

I also loved their trick of rolling the freezer bag tops to have them hold their shape and not need special tools to hold them open.

Freezer Meal Plans 700x700

Not only is there a course with videos demonstrating the preparation of various meals and sharing their tips and tricks of the trade, but this course comes with many meal plans already put together.

The ingredients lists, even the printer labels with the recipe, are all included. Talk about a time saver. Just grab their meal plan and go.

These recipes are family-friendly and tried and true, so are an excellent starting point for a beginner just getting her feet wet. Then after some experience, I can come up with my own variations and add recipes of my own.

I definitely want to start being more mindful about our family meal planning, especially when hubby returns from active duty and as my toddler grows and starts to eat more variety.

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I’d love to get to the point where I’m making one major shopping trip a month, and prepping one month’s worth of meals in an afternoon. That kind of preparation will save us so much time and save my sanity over and over.

Who needs this course?

  • A busy mom who doesn’t have time to slave over the stove on a daily basis.
  • A working mom who needs a quick solution on a hectic weeknight.
  • An expecting mom who won’t have time to think about food and a newborn at the same time.
  • Honestly, anyone who wants to plan and prep dinners once and benefit for weeks from that effort.

Benefits of the Freezer Meals 101 Course

The Freezer Meals 101 course:

  • Teaches how to go about making freezer meals in the first place
  • Fills our toolbelt with tips and tricks about preparing freezer meals
  • Provides us with sample meal plans and shopping lists to get us started (that’s a big one for me)
  • Also comes with a support group on Facebook so we can ask questions

There are several tiers to the course – the budget-friendly version is only $49 for the 10 video training classes, printables, and two meal plans. The levels go up with additional meal plans and recipe books.

Have you gotten into making freezer meals or are you a novice like me?

>> Check out the Freezer Meals 101 course and see how it can help your family too.



Show dinner time who's boss with Freezer Meals | Learn how to make freezer meals easily that your family will love



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28 responses to “How to Prepare Freezer Meals to make Dinner Time Easy

  1. Love freezer meals. So quick and easy each day to prepare a real supper. I don’t mind a couple of hours at a time to save all the time throughout the week.

  2. OMG, I am so so awful at freezer meals. We try to eat mostly paleo, and that really trips me up, as it’s hard to find any help or guides specific to that particular eating style. We do like to shop at a wholesale store like SAMS or Costco every month, so I really should start planning for those. I know it’d be a total money saver!

    • I feel like if I just planned it out for a few weeks I could really get the hang of it. It’s getting started that is is hard. That’s awesome that you shop wholesale, you totally could save money getting all your stuff once a month and freezing it.

    • Oh yes, coming back to work is a whole new challenge! I remember being so lost the first month or so. Having a transition period where everything is ready helps so much.

  3. I used to prepare my meals for the week on Sundays at that was so helpful. I don’t have to worry about dinner right now because my parents host family dinner every night for my sister’s family and mine. But I have seriously been trying to convince my mom FOREVER to do this. I think it’s such a great idea!

    • It does seem overwhelming to do something huge, but I like the idea of starting small, for a week and just a couple of meals in bulk, and scale up from there. I loved the idea to get together with a partner so you make multiples of one meal, and then trade.

    • seriously I don’t know how you get any cooking done with 3 underfoot! My one even pushes me away from the sink every time I try to wash something haha

    • I wish I had done that too. People suggested to start freezing meals when I was pregnant but I didn’t know what that meant haha. Next time, I’ll be ready!

  4. I tried the mass production of freezer meals, thing, and really had my hopes up. I just had my third baby and had no time to cook. Unfortunately, almost all the meals were bereft of taste. They were all slow cooker meals, which I apparently stink at. I guess there’s some secret I’m missing.

    • Aww that’s too bad 🙁 I love easy slow cooker meals, but sometimes they come out differently than intended. We’ve learned that chicken breast comes out too dry, so we slow cook chicken thighs instead.

  5. Love freezer meals – this is how I got through the weeks after my third was born. We were living away from my family support network while my husband was on assignment and I spent the last 2 weeks before baby came filling my freezer! Total lifesaver!

    • I definitely will need to stock my freezer with meals when we decide to have a second child. That whole what in the world am I going to eat feeling, I don’t care for it haha.

  6. I LOVE this idea….but I haven’t been organized enough to follow through, lol. I read a book about it once! Then my husband became a Schwan’s man, and now our freezer is stuffed anyway….to the detriment of my waistline.

    • Yea it does take some time to set aside and plan it out. Then I think it becomes routine and quick once the habit is made. I’m kind of in that making the time to DO it boat too.

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