Inspire your Gift Lists for Your Kids with this KIDSPIRATION Babbleboxx

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I love a good gift box that contains a variety of amazing items that are fun and educational for kids. I enjoyed receiving my BabbleBoxx full of these wonderful items that I will share with you today. Some may need to wait for my son to be a bit older to be able to enjoy, some we’re diving right into, and some I’m confiscating for myself. Because I’m Mom and I can do that. Call it a mom finder’s fee. Enjoy these items, and you should definitely add these #BBoxxKidspiration ideas to your gift lists!



WowWee: Magnaflex


You’ll have to excuse me for saving the best for, well, first! I was most excited about the Magnaflex magnetic construction toy gift in my Babbleboxx. I have been eyeing STEM style toys for a while, all of them pretty much needed to have a child ages 3 and up. Well, huzzah! My son just turned 3. So this is the first one I tore into and spread out on the floor for us to play with. Like I said, he *just* turned three, so he’s not quite ready to comprehend complicated designs. But he enjoyed playing with the magnets and kept saying “look” every time he combined them. I made him a little flower to wow him (and it was quite fun to do, let me tell you).


I love how colorful this magnetic construction toy is and that it comes with a guide for ideas for some fun projects to build. We’ll be keeping this one out in our play area for a while to come. You should add this to your gift lists now!



Helio: Night Light Projection System


Have I mentioned before how fun night light projectors are? My son currently has one that projects stars and the moon, and another one that is space themed. So I’m excited to add this Helio educational night light projector to his collection.

The Helio projector comes with multiple discs for a fun and educational bedtime routine.  Again, this is a bit advanced for my 3-year-old, but we can start learning the names of animals as we point them out on his ceiling and move on to other lessons later on.  I’m still trying to figure out the best placement for this item. On his shelf next to his other projector, it tends to shine mostly on the wall, since you can’t change the angle. If I put it on the floor, it does cover the entire ceiling, but there are safety concerns with it being out on the floor. It is also a bit blurry so there might be a room size and ceiling height ratio that is more ideal. It is also quite bright, so even though it is supposed to shut off after 30 minutes, I think it might be distracting to leave on as a nightlight.

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Get your Helio night light projection system and enter “LearningLight” for your discount on a second one.


Candlewick Press: The Wonderling by Mira Bartok


So let me just say that this Candlewick Press title is one I’m confiscating. I mean, my child is nowhere near being able to read this book. But me? Yes, I do read YA and even some middle-grade. So this one went on my nightstand.The Wonderling by Mira Bartók tells the story of Arthur, a shy, fox-like foundling with only one ear and a desperate desire to belong, as he seeks his destiny. I do enjoy a fun adventure story full of friendship and fantasy, so I think I’ll have a fun time with this one.  I’ll report back when I’ve read it.

You can grab yours from  Candlewick Press with discount code: CANDLEWICK – 25% off and free shipping.


PEZ: Christmas Ornament Collection & Holiday Tube


This ornament with mini PEZ candy dispensers is adorable! See how it went right on the tree? What a fun idea for stocking stuffers! The PEZ candy dispenser is fun to use and fun to snack on as well. My tot is just figuring out candy, so it is fun and exciting for him. He enjoyed tasting the lemon-flavored one and feeding them to me. FIlling a mini PEZ dispenser is a bit challenging since you need to do it more one by one (the full-size you can drop in multiple at a time) so it was fun for this mom to watch her little one tinker, get frustrated, ask for help, then try again. Some good lessons to be learned in trying again. Who knew something as simple as a PEZ candy could bring forth a learning opportunity.




Petlanthropy: Donation Gift Cards

I love the idea of a gift that gives back. These Petlanthropy donation gift cards allow you to donate to any local animal shelters or projects close to your heart.  Kids these days get way too many toys. I think a donation gift is such a unique and meaningful idea and reminds all of us to think outside ourselves and outside boxes of shiny new toys.

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Receive special furry and fun surprises when you purchase, share, and gift Petlanthropy donation gift cards. Go donate to a shelter of your choice and support cats and dogs! I’ll be looking for a local Texas shelter to donate to when the redemption portion of the website is available. Meaw!


Vince Camuto: Shoes



These Vince Camuto high top sneakers are cute! They didn’t have a toddler size, so this is the little boy’s size, and I’m saving them for when my son can wear them, but they are light-weight and soft leather lined inside and look comfortable.  They are a lovely shade of navy blue.




Viv + Lou: Duffel bag


Last but not least, another item I might be commandeering as my own, the Viv & Lou duffel. Okay, I may use it for kids travel purposes, or as my little gets older and *gasp* spends the night outside my home. These are fun and spunky and can be personalized by adding your monogram or name, though I’m not sure if I’ll do that. It is a bit floral and on the pink side so who knows if my boy will even want to use it, so this might just be a mommy gift.

Get your own personalized children’s gift travel bag from Viv + Lou with my unique discount code for 25% off sitewide: FABMOMLIFE

Inspire your Gift Lists for Your Kids with this KIDSPIRATION Babbleboxx #ad #BBoxxKidspiration #giftideas #gifts

Alrighty! That is a wrap for this awesome BabbleBoxx full of goodies for kids (and moms) of all ages. Which items are you adding to your gift lists?



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