How to Declutter Like a Boss

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How does one small family accumulate so much stuff? I bet you’ve been asking yourself that question, ‘cause I know I have! We moved into this house about two years ago, and it felt like we got rid of a lot of stuff before we moved. But here we are, with a bigger house full of things and stuff we don’t even use on a regular basis. Of course, when we had the baby the house became full of his stuff, and oh man do babies cause a house to look cluttered. At least, the baby uses his stuff all the time, even if only for minutes at a time.

Declutter your home and your life like a boss
I’ve been wanting to do a decluttering exercise, I’ve even added that to my goals, but it just seemed so daunting. That’s what is so great about this book, Step by Step Decluttering. This book helps you break down that overwhelming wall and think about decluttering as a series of 20-minute exercises, rather than a total house overhaul.

I mean, I’m not losing this baby weight in one day, but over time with good eating habits and adding in exercise, I will continue to see progress. It is the same way with decluttering a house. You won’t do it in one day, or even one weekend, but with frequent decluttering bursts here and there, you will soon find your house looking better and better.


I loved that this book came with an audio feature option! I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and read, but I listen to quite a few audiobooks or podcasts on my drive home. This book comes in two editions:

  • Standard edition (ebook + worksheets)
  • Community edition (ebook + worksheets + Facebook group + audiobook) <– this is my preferred version, of course!

Step by Step Decluttering inspired me to start with my kitchen since it really is one of the busiest rooms in the house. I cleaned out my entire fridge this weekend!

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I’ve also been slowly packing up baby stuff that we no longer use to clear off the counters. I’ve still got ways to go, but small wins are how we make this happen.


What room in your house is the worst? Do you plan on decluttering, 20 minutes at a time?



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14 responses to “How to Declutter Like a Boss

  1. Oh man, I really need to do this but I feel like I have zero time. Between babies, blogging and work, none of the household chores are getting done! Lol. The worst room for clutter is definitely the toy room. We are in serious need of a purge! 😀

    • Word! Same here, between work, baby, and my someday hopefully successful side-hustle aka blog, the house is just a disaster. Oh well, priorities right?

  2. Ooo! I might have to get this! Clutter makes me stressed out and cranky, and I really want to go through all our stuff and start getting rid of it all!

    • It is definitely daunting, so I like the idea of just doing things 20 minutes at a time, just one drawer at a time, it keeps focus on the task without letting you look around and see what else you need to do.

    • Oh man I think we all struggle with the overwhelm of stuff and keeping our house looking decent. Sometimes I just stop caring, until we have guests and then I’m like WHAT DID I LET HAPPEN? Hehe

  3. I’ve been decluttering recently – we have tiny houses here in the UK – and although I was attached to stuff at first, and often kept things ‘just in case’, I realised that I didn’t need all this stuff around. Now I put a box of things away and if I don’t use them in a few months and/or I can’t remember what’s in the box, I get rid of it.

    • That’s a good way to do things, though some stuff is only used seasonally or on occasion. I think if you haven’t used it for a year it is probably safe to get rid of. I’m trying to allow myself to do that.

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