#Harvey update and love for my city Houston

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Nine trillion gallons. That’s how much rainfall Houston received on the first day. Twenty Seven (27!!!) trillion gallons in total over the six days.

This past weekend, a horrendous storm named #Harvey landed as a Category 4 near Corpus Christi, Texas with a six-foot storm surge and caused so much devastation before it even proceeded to dump a tremendous amount of rain on Houston, Texas. Houston is very, very flat. The water collects faster than it can drain or run off, causing the disaster you have heard about on the news, or are living if you are a fellow Houstonian.


We currently live far northwest of the city. When the last hurricane hit Texas in 2008 (Hurricane Ike), we lived to the west. At that time, we retained a lot of damage to our roof, but flooding was not much of a concern. This storm was very, very different.

I consider us incredibly lucky to have no water enter our home. We worked quickly to bring in everything from the garage to get our vehicles to higher ground, as water was already creeping up our driveway on Sunday morning. We opened up gates and removed fence planks to allow water to drain from our yard to the road, and keep it from ponding on our patio and reaching our back door. Our side of town totaled 26 inches of rainfall during this storm.

The worst we can say happened was our street was a river, our yard was a lake, and we were stuck with some cabin fever for a few days. So thankful to be so lucky.

So many Houstonians lost so much. My friend Lynn (also my co-blogger at the book blog) had to be rescued by boat. Her apartment complex flooded to the roofs of people’s cars. Thankfully she was on the third floor. It breaks my heart to hear about everyone who lost so much. People whose houses flooded several feet. I’ve seen photos of children sitting up on counters, more of people on their roofs.

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But I’m also so struck by all the outpouring of support and love I have seen in my Facebook feed alongside the devastation. So many friends and neighbors offering their help, opening their homes, doing anything they can. Some people have even been turned away from shelters because they have so many volunteers. So many donating to the shelters and charities working hard to help those in need.

I read an amazing blog post yesterday, called The Good Thing Harvey Washed Away, and had to share. Seeing so many people coming together, especially when tensions are so high in the country, is humbling. We are Texans, Houstonians, and we are hurting. And when people hurt, people help.

If you’re looking for ways to help, Texas Monthly has a great article on where donations are incredibly helpful. There are numerous shelters, food banks, and others gathering supplies and helping those who need it. A little goes a long way.



And now, the sun is shining, the waters are receding, and we can begin to recover.

It will not be an easy recovery; these never are. But the city that I have called home for the past 10 years is strong, and we will get through this.




We have missed you, sunshine. Thank you for returning. #houstonstrong #harvey

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  1. The devastation these natural disasters have caused is horrible. I have been looking for ways to help, so thank you for the list. I’m so happy you and your family are okay.

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