Gift Ideas and Must Have Products for your Pregnant Friend

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It seems like motherhood comes in waves through a group of friends, or our friendships shift. We end up being surrounded by other mothers or moms-to-be, and when holidays or birthdays come around, we want to give the right gift. Sure, we can give a gift for the baby, but let’s focus on the mothers for this gift guide. If you’re looking for presents for your pregnant friend rather than for the baby, check out these ideas.

This gift guide shares ideas for gifts to give a close friend who is pregnant, perhaps for the first time, and these gifts help pamper and relax your new mom friend.

This gift guide contains affiliate links. Some products in this guide were provided to me for my sampling and are being mentioned at my discretion.

Gift ideas for your pregnant friend


Gift ideas for the Mom-to-be

Pregnancy teas can be a wonderful way to help relax and feel better. They also help support a healthy pregnancy and ease symptoms. I love the Earth Mama Angel Baby product line and used some postpartum.
Earth Mama Angel Baby - Pregnancy


Here’s a lovely gift basket for moms-to-be because they certainly deserve to be pampered:
Earth Mama Angel Baby - Little Something for Mama to Be


When the second trimester is approaching, suddenly the mom-to-be’s pants will no longer fit. I listed this one in my Ultimate List of Freebies for New Moms post, but it is worth mentioning here again. This Belly Button Band helps extend the life of your pre-pregnancy pants and you can get it free (just pay shipping and handling). These are great to pick up for yourself when pregnant, but also make frugal gifts.


When you are having trouble resting due to morning sickness (aka all day sickness), try adding some floral extracts to your tea or water to help soothe and bring comfort.


Sleeping while pregnant gets complicated: you are no longer allowed to sleep on your back and everything is just so uncomfortable. A pregnancy pillow helps keep the mama comfortable on her side while supporting, well, all of the things that need to be supported. They are wonderful gifts and are truly necessary. I loved this Boppy pillow.

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I also had a lot of issues with back pain, and found this support band to be amazing! It helped so much to take some of the pressure off my lower back.



Gift ideas for an after Labor care package

Perhaps not something you might want to give at a baby shower, these are perfect for a new mom care package for a close friend.

While no one really wants to talk about it, hemorrhoids are a real thing pregnant and post-partum women deal with. Ask me how I know. This cooling salve helps ease the discomfort.
Earth Mama Angel Baby - Mama Bottom Balm


Or a spray to avoid touching a super sensitive and uncomfortable area.

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Postpartum


For a C-section mom, this salve helps with the incision.
Earth Mama Angel Baby - C-Mama Healing Salve

Gift ideas to support your breastfeeding friend

Breastfeeding is something that comes easily to some but is a challenge for many. Especially at the beginning. These teas and supplements are meant to help increase supply and make the milk come in.

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Breastfeeding






What were your favorite products during pregnancy that you love to give to your pregnant friends? What is on your must-have list?



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