Gift Ideas your Friends will Geek Out Over

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The holidays are so much fun for the geeks in all of us. I mean, all the amazing books, shows, and movies now have stuff we can buy and hang on walls or place on shelves! Or play with, if you’re not a collector but more of an enjoyer.

Here are some fun ideas for gifts for your geeky friend or family member. Or, honestly, yourself.

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Gifts For the Science Geeks

My husband just bought this awesome levitating Earth for his desk at work. Yes, a perfect conversation piece to put legal clients at ease. How awesome is it?

Of course, if you get an Earth, you might also need other planets. Mars, perhaps?

This amazing case from RedBubble. How awesome is that?!


Levitating knick knacks of any kind are quite amazing. But nerdy levitating construction games? yes, please.


Gift Ideas for those who Geek Out over Sci-Fi

My husband has this awesome business card holder. Tell me it isn’t the coolest thing EVER? Yes, that is Han Solo in carbonite. Yes, it is that awesome.

And you can see more of my gift suggestions for Star Wars fans here.

And for my fellow Expanse watchers, some cool decals.

This Enterprise pizza cutter is genius. Pure genius. Live long and pizza!

Who else has a hubby who plays Mass Effect? A replica ship is quite fun to collect.



What gifts of geeky awesome are you getting your friends and family this year?

Gift Ideas your Friends will Geek Out Over

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