Get Ready for Back To School with these Tips

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With summer starting to wind down, back to school is on people’s minds. For me, back to school means my commute time gets a ton worse. But it is also important to remember that the back to school commute comes with added traffic hazards, and we need to remember these back to school driving safety tips.

My toddler’s daycare schedule doesn’t really change, though he is approaching preschool (once we get that heinie of his potty trained). But I’m sure kindergarten will be here before we know it, and many of my readers are doing the back to school shuffle too. So I thought I’d collect some great posts from fellow bloggers on the topic. Enjoy!

Get Ready for Back to School with these Tips


Back to School Printables

Getting your routines down is very important. Here are some amazing back to school printables from Twitchetts to help start off on the right foot.

Here’s a great back to school planning printable from Simple Made Pretty with what needs to be done leading up to school starting.

Check out these morning routine cards from I Can Teach My Child.


Homework Routines

Having a routine for homework helps tremendously. A fully stocked homework station with supplies your child will need prevents wasting time getting up and looking for things. I also really liked this tip from Mama in the Now to help with germs being brought home from school.

Here’s a great post on organizing your homework station in the kitchen from Mom of 6.

I also love this dollar store homework caddy from Simple Made Pretty.

I like this idea from Pulling Curls on homework office hours. Puts the power and responsibility on the child.

Here is a great post from Living for the Sunshine on getting a child to practice their pencil grip for school readiness.


Plan Evening Routines

I have said before that the best way to get your mornings won is to plan the night before. Planning it all in advance makes the morning less crazy and reduces the risk of being late. Plan outfits, lunches, and set coffee the night before.

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Here are some more great tips about routines and time management from The Work at Home Woman.

I love this list of back to school journaling topics from Mamma Wants Java. They definitely help to stay organized.



Packing lunches can sometimes be an art form in itself (though who has the time?). Here are some tips to make packing lunch easier from Overstuffed Life.

Here are even more lunch box hacks from Real Mom Nutrition. I love the idea to soak apple slices to prevent browning.

Super Mom Hacks shares some great tips for better kids lunches.


Behavior and Personality Support

Sometimes kids struggle with anxiety and worry about school starting up again. We as parents are tasked with trying to ease their fears and transition.

Here is a great list of behavior traits a toddler will need before starting preschool from Making Motherhood Matter.

A list of important topics to discuss with your child before kindergarten from The Everyday Mom Life.


What are some of your favorite back-to-school tips and mom hacks? For more back to school ideas, check out my back to school Pinterest board.




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2 responses to “Get Ready for Back To School with these Tips

  1. I am one year away from my son starting school and I have to say I am not ready! Not only do I feel overwhelmed when it comes to what I’ll need to send him with, but I am so worried about him adjusting to school itself. Sometimes I feel us mom just are never ready to let go. Great article! I feel a little more prepared and less scared after reading it.

  2. These are great! My little guy hasn’t passed the potty training test yet either lol but these will be good to remember as we get closer! Thanks.

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