15-Minute Family Favorite Dinner: Salsafied Chicken and Rice

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I was hired by The Women Bloggers/Megaphone Influence on behalf of Riceland Foods to participate in this #ProntoPerfectRice campaign. Opinions are mine.

Your stomach growls and you can almost taste a yummy meal as you drive home after a long day at the office. Dinner is definitely on your mind as you sit in traffic. The end of the day means hungry mouths to feed, including your own, and patience for cooking a complicated meal is just nonexistent. You check the fridge for leftovers, but then remember you packed those for your lunches. What do you do now? This is when having some quick and tasty family favorite meals in your recipe toolbelt is vital.

Riceland Boil-in-Bag Recipe Salsafied Chicken and Rice

Rice is a staple at our house – we love it and use it in most meals. I love to add it to my tacos or burritos, and I love even more to use it as a bed for a delicious meat dish. One of my toolbelt family favorite meals is salsafied chicken and rice (a perfect meal for a Texan). Rice and chicken, as well as salsa, are the backbones, but we can tweak any other ingredients as we wish to make a fun spin on one of our classics.

A huge reason why I love the “salsafied chicken and rice” dish is the time it takes to prepare it. How long does it take? Very little time at all! This busy working mom doesn’t have the ability to create complicated dishes that take forever to prepare – I go for the quick win and make easy meals for us to enjoy. Plus, my toddler loves rice dishes, and I know this is something he will actually eat (as opposed to, you know, tossing it on the floor).

15-Minute Family Favorite Dinner: Salsafied Chicken and Rice

That is why I love the Riceland Boil-in-Bag Rice. It cooks for only 10 minutes, while still containing the healthy ingredients we love to see in rice. While the rice is cooking I can prepare the rest of the meal, then mix and serve. This particular time I made a huge batch so we could easily freeze some for later meals. Ready for the recipe?

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Ingredients for Salsafied Chicken and Rice

  • Olive Oil
  • Riceland Boil-in-Bag whole grain brown rice, 2 bags
  • Chicken, 1 lb
  • Black Beans, can drained
  • Corn, can drained
  • Peas, can drained
  • Salsa, 1 jar

15-Minute Family Favorite Dinner: Salsafied Chicken and Rice

Directions for Salsafied Chicken and Rice

  1. Place the bags of rice in water – all the way submerged in the pot. Set it on high heat and after it starts to boil, set a timer for 10 minutes.
  2. While the water and rice are getting ready to boil, cut up the chicken into bite-size pieces. Open the canned food and drain.
  3. While the rice is cooking, cook the chicken in some olive oil in a large skillet. Just toss it around until the meat turns white.
  4. Add canned black beans, corn, and peas into the pan with the chicken and keep stirring around.
  5. When the rice is done (remember, just 10 minutes), grab the bags with tongs, cut the edge and pour into pan with chicken and vegetables.  You can turn the heat off here.
  6. Dump jar of salsa onto the pan with chicken, rice, and vegetables, and mix thoroughly.
  7. Serve.


15-Minute Family Favorite Dinner: Salsafied Chicken and Rice

I love that Riceland rice is grown by family farms with a passion for their product. It is wonderful to support small, local farms and enjoy a healthy meal at the same time.

15-Minute Family Favorite Dinner: Salsafied Chicken and Rice

Riceland Boil-in-Bag Rice is available at HEB (and you know I love my HEB – just one of the great things about living in Texas). Enter below to win some Riceland swag and a gift card! Then go grab a box and start cooking. Let me know what recipes you come up with; I’d love to add more quick and yummy dishes to my toolbelt.

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43 responses to “15-Minute Family Favorite Dinner: Salsafied Chicken and Rice

  1. That is such a Texan meal! I love it! Hahaha! I hate cooking rice sometimes because no matter how much you measure and time it, the rice can still turn out funky. So the boil in bag rice is awesome for that. ?

    • Haha it really is a Texan meal 🙂 My rice usually comes out dry too and I’m bad about measuring the correct amount of water. So this boil in a bag was great because it came out just right and I didn’t have to do anything special.

  2. Birdiebee

    I would love to try this brand of rice as we eat a lot of it since our family stopped eating bread and pasta.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway option! We love rice too, I do it a lot like you and then top with cheese, guac and sour cream! It’s one of my favorite quick meals too, especially when I break down and grab a rotisserie chicken! Someday’s it’s nice to let someone else do all the heavy work, isn’t it?

  4. OK I am starving now after reading this! I’ll admit I’m useless at cooking rice. My other half cook mostly and anytime I go to cook rice he instantly takes over because I make it too chalky! #KCACOLS

  5. Laurajj

    Oh we love having rice dinners! Yours looks so good! I have to try that at our house! I love the meals that has the chicken and rice together!

    • Neither does mine – I’m no master chef nor am I good at arranging food to make it pretty haha. I stick to the simpler dishes 🙂

  6. Julie Wood

    I love the Boil in Bag brown rice. So east to make and healthy. I like your recipe! It looks delicious and very healthy. I will have to make it!

  7. David

    We make a lot of casseroles, and we always add rice as a filler. It adds volume to the dish as well as the nutritional value of the rice.

  8. Love this! I’m a Texan, love good, old-fashion chicken & rice! Adding salsa is a bonus. And HEB is where I shop every week. I’m north of Houston. What about you? Thanks for sharing with #overthemoon

  9. Mmmmmmm, salsa! This really looks so simple and easy. I’m always frantically rushing around at the end of the day, trying to figure out what I’m going to do for dinner and, what a way to take the stress off! This looks so delicious, and SCREAMS Texas! Haha (: Thanks for sharing <3 #KCACOLS

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