Fabulous Gifts to Promote Wellness and Self-Care

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Wellness and self-care are so important and yet we often find we put ourselves last. This is likely true for your friends as well, so here are some fabulous gift ideas to help promote wellness and self-care with your friends.

Fabulous Gifts to Promote Wellness and Self-Care


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Gifts of Self-Care and Relaxation

I love putting this herbal heating pad on my shoulders. The warmth and lavender scents do wonders for relaxation. I just warm it up in the microwave and let my shoulders relax.

If your friend is into meditation, give her a new meditation audio to guide them into a relaxed state.

A reminder to sit down to a warm cup of tea (with tea included, of course) makes a wonderful gift! Tea if a great way to sit down and reflect, enjoy a sweet aroma, and relax.

Throw in a cute sassy mug and you’ve got a great gift there.

Have you tried essential oils? I’m new to them myself but got this essential oil set for review and have been using a few of them.

>> My lovely readers can use the code 9PCOILSET to save 70% and grab this set for only $14.99!

Chrislie Essential Oils Set

If you’re a cat lover and find coloring to be therapeutic, check out this adult coloring book full of cats!

Gifts promoting Wellness

This wonderful course to motivate a healthier lifestyle: 15 Days to a Healthier You!
Crystal Paine Products

Here’s one that I think is brilliant – Cubii is a compact elliptical trainer that fits under your desk allowing you to exercise while working.

Cubii turns long periods of sitting into periods of movement called active sitting. Compared to stationary sitting, Cubii increases energy expenditure by 84.5% (a result documented by the Mayo Clinic). Cubii is quiet, allowing you to discretely burn calories while working away in cube land. 

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Gifts to Pamper

Gift this Eyelash Serum (made by Charming Shoppes on Etsy) to help boost and grow your lashes. This serum goes on like mascara before you go to bed (after washing off all makeup of course) allowing the natural ingredients to work while you sleep. Organic cold-pressed castor oil thickens your lashes and brows while Aloe Vera lengthens. The Vitamin E oil accelerates the process. Yes, I’ve used it for about a month now and can say with confidence that my eyelashes look healthier and longer. Woot!


Some natural soaps made from bee’s honey and other natural ingredients make washing hands a pleasant and nourishing experience.


A smart tracker for your mattress (or even a smart mattress, depending on your budget) can help identify sleep troubles and give you a better night’s sleep. This is a great gift for *cough* your spouse. So you both get to enjoy a comfortable sleep.
Eight Smart Tracker






What gifts of self-care are you getting your friends and family this year?




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