Easy and Fun Halloween Spider Craft for Toddlers

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Fall is so much fun and opens you up to a ton of great activity ideas, so I decided to try a quick and simple craft for Halloween with my toddler. I picked spider as our theme since he loves the song “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and I figured it would be an easy craft to make.

We actually did this one when he was home sick one Monday, as it helped cheer us both up. I love all things Halloween, so getting a bit silly and crafty with my son is perfect and fun for both of us.



Making the Spider Craft



I started with about four craft sticks in purple. Why purple? It’s my favorite color, so why not have that be the base of the spider? I taped the underside to keep them together.

I decided to use double-sided tape (or, tape I folded to make it double sided) to hold everything together, but perhaps glue would have been better. I was out of glue.

I put the double sided tape on the underside of the craft stick body, and we attached four green pipe cleaners at the middle. I let my toddler do that part. Then I folded them out to make the legs look, more leggy.

Then I added double sided tape to the top, and we stuck a few pom poms to make the bulbous body of the spider. I picked pink for that. The toddler got to apply them.

Then, since I did not have googly eyes, we used white pom poms for the eyes.

A quick, easy, fun, activity done with random crafty supplies I had on hand and improvised for what I did not have.

Easy Spider Craft for Toddlers



What do you think? A fun activity, we started indoors, then “outside mommy” was demanded, and we finished outside.

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What fun Halloween crafts are you doing with your toddlers?

Easy and Fun Halloween Spider Craft for Toddlers



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