Delightful Gifts for your Bookish Friends

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Do you have a bookish friend or two? Chances are, you do. These are the friends who maybe run a book blog (*cough* me) and have 7 bookshelves full of beautiful books (also me). So you may wonder, what to gift to these friends who have more on their mountain of TBR than they can ever read in their lifetime? Probably not another book. But something bookish? Oh yes!

Delightful Gifts for your Bookish Friends

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Bookish Tech makes great gifts for Bookish Friends

The newest kindle, and it is waterproof!! Now that is a perfect bookish gift!


Book lights make great stocking stuffers, and what bookish friend doesn’t love to read in bed? Some of us still love the feel of a print book, and a book light is a great accessory for that.


For my fellow audiobook lovers, a bluetooth headset. Because, let’s just listen to our books in our ears wherever we go, right?

Speaking of aduiobooks, gifting a subscription to Audible or (which is kind of like Netflix for audiobooks) is perfect and wonderful and allows for all the book listens you could ever want your ears to do, while you’re doing other things (like driving, or cleaning, or nursing a baby).




Bookish Clothing items are wonderful gifts for Bookish Friends

Dracula Bookish Scarf


How about an infinity bookish scarf! This one from Storiarts is mine, and is quoting from Dracula so they enjoyed being pictured together.

Or, you know, these fingerless gloves are quite awesome.

Blankets, to curl up with on these colder evenings and to enjoy a nice book. Right? Right?


Bookish gifts of Jewelry for Bookish Friends

When I participated in bookish gift exchanges in my book clubs I loved to give gifts of Harry Potter jewelry. Why? Why not!? Everyone loves them.

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For friends who are into the paranormal, zombie, gothic, vampire, etc genres, there are some really cool looking jewelry options out there!


What bookish gifts are you getting your friends and family this year?




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