Coffee: The Morning Life Saver for Moms

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Coffee: The Morning Life Saver for Moms


Why Coffee is the Morning Life Saver for Moms


Coffee is a morning lifesaver for busy moms.  So many of us can’t imagine starting off your day without a caffeine intake.  Perhaps it’s the baby that kept you up all night, or you’re waking up early trying to get the kids ready for school, or it’s the lack of sleep from our never-ending to-do list. Exhaustion can creep up quickly.


In fact, being tired is part of our normal lives.  Coffee is something many of us look forward to; the smell, the taste, and the sound of brewing coffee has no parallel.  Plus, you may be surprised to know it has some amazing health benefits.

Coffee: The Morning Life Saver for Moms

The Ah-Mazing Benefits of Coffee


Not only does coffee taste good and help wake you up from the little sleep you had, but there are also some excellent benefits found in your morning cup of Joe that many don’t know about.  Here is a list of benefits, many of which are backed by studies and research:


  • Has been known to guard our liver, especially from liver disease such as Cirrhosis.
  • Lowers the risk (up to 22%!) of a Diabetes Type II diagnosis.
  • Helps protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  • Lowers the signs, risks, and symptoms of depression. Caffeine is a stimulator; it gets the blood flowing to your brain, working and makes you feel motivated.  All these factors help decrease the chances and signs of depression.  Coffee makes you feel good!
  • Coffee counters heart risks such as arrhythmias and can lower chances of strokes, especially for women.
  • Coffee boosts our energy levels! This is the primary reason busy moms guzzle their coffee in the morning. You need energy! Coffee increases your endurance through glucose absorption, increasing energy levels that produce the sensation of motivation.


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This list represents only some of the benefits of coffee.  Another major benefit coffee gives moms is a high dose of antioxidants, necessary for keeping them healthy by fighting off sickness and diseases.


Easy on the Intake

Coffee can deliver all these health benefits if you take your consumption in moderation. Too much caffeine (and coffee) can dramatically increase your heartbeats and pulse, which can cause anxiety, insomnia, and indigestion.


Coffee can also dehydrate you, which can cause massive headaches and associated issues.  Usually, one to three cups of black coffee is considered acceptable quantities.  Five or more cups or a pot of coffee is too much, and you may start seeing the negative effects of overstimulation from the caffeine.


Preparation Can Save You Time

Besides your families, time is probably the other most important thing in the crazy daily lives of busy moms.  You just never seem to have enough of it.  Don’t miss out on a healthy cup of coffee because you are too busy.


Prepping the grounds ahead of time, or using a coffee pot with a timer are time-savers that could get your morning off on the right foot.  Many people have Keurigs nowadays, and a simple push of a button can get your cups started.  You need a good energy boost and those antioxidants to be a healthy, and active mom.


This lifesaver really can be just that, a lifesaver.  It reduces the risks of many diseases and issues and can help repair our body due to all the antioxidants.  It also reduces the risk of strokes, more so in women than men.  For healthy coffee, skip all the additives and artificial what-not.


Organic blends and roasts also have less chemical tampering and are a healthier choice.  There are hundreds of different brands and types to choose from so finding relatively healthier options isn’t too bad.  Whatever you choose, know that you are starting your morning off right, with an energy boost and health benefits all in one cup.

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