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  1. Laura says

    We used both. My kids all had a nanny until they were 2 and then they went to school. It worked well for us and I was lucky enough to have an 2 amazing nannies

  2. Jasmine Hewitt says

    I like how you laid out all the pros and cons. As a WAHM I never really needed to consider childcare, but more often nowadays I kinds wish i had a nanny. But the little one will be entering headstart soon, so summers are always an option down the road

  3. Jennifer says

    We had a nanny for the first year. She was absolutely amazing. I wonder how I will make it through infant stage without her. She didn’t speak any English – and we were really on the fence about this – but we were desperate – infant childcare was like $2200 a month where we lived and that was just not doable. We made the leap and it turned out to be really, really great. Unforunately we had to move and she couldnt come with us but it was a really great experience. I feel we got really really lucky.

  4. Sarah says

    As a WAHM I admit it would be nice to have a nanny at least some times. But it’d take having a much stronger business and a lot more income I do not have. That is usually my childcare conundrum.

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