Can Pregnant Women Eat That?

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Can Pregnant Women Eat That? Infographic sharing valuable information on what is safe to eat as a pregnant mom-to-be.

Read the Infographic below for details on what is safe to eat while pregnant, and what is not safe to eat for moms-to-be.


A healthy diet during pregnancy is not as difficult as it seems. There is room for flexibility as far as quality and quantity of food consumed. The immune system changes so pregnancy makes a woman susceptible to food-borne illnesses, and result in serious medical issues.

Initially, usually in the first trimester a light breakfast and a heavy dinner is the norm, to avoid the after effects of morning sickness. The last trimester involves a hearty breakfast and a light dinner when heartburn might complicate matters. Caffeine (present in tea, coffee, and carbonated beverages) is best avoided or taken in moderation during pregnancy. Alcohol and tobacco should be strictly avoided.

A healthy diet with moderate consumption of fatty foods will result in a desirable body post-pregnancy and a healthy offspring. It is advisable to control the speed of weight gain that ranges from low (in the first trimester) to about a pound (gained weekly) during the very last two months of pregnancy. But at the same time, optimal weight gain is necessary to ensure a healthy baby born with lesser complications.

Adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals (and trace elements) usually from the diet is a must for any pregnant woman.



Can Pregnant Women Eat That? Infographic sharing valuable information on what is safe to eat as a pregnant mom-to-be.


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