How Busy Moms Can Have a Healthy Home

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How Busy Moms Can Have a Healthy Home


Busy Moms Can Have a Healthy Home


Being a busy mama is rough.  We work all day and all night for our families, jobs, and ourselves.  Most days, it’s hard enough to get to bedtime without losing it, but somehow we make it there.  Day after day, we provide nourishment, love, and affection to our families.  We teach lessons, kiss boo-boos, and some of us have a full career outside the home.  It’s no wonder that so many things that we want to remain our priorities fall to the wayside because we can’t seem to make enough time in the day.

How Busy Moms Can Have a Healthy Home


I have been there.  I know how hard it is to put any more effort into the day than it takes to just get to bedtime.  I don’t want to cook, I don’t want to bathe the kids, and I certainly don’t want to think about how I’m not doing what I can to keep my family as healthy as possible.


It’s hard to admit that sometimes, I want to put our health on the back burner and exchange it for convenience.  But the existence of my autoimmune disease is a constant reminder that I can’t.  We can’t keep trading in our health for convenience, no matter how busy we are.  We have to make it a priority, because without our health – we have nothing.

How Busy Moms Can Have a Healthy Home


So I’ve got a few tips for all you busy moms that have helped me to take our health to a better place with little effort.


  • Clean out your pantry. This is so important because if you don’t have the sugar and unhealthy, processed foods in your house, then you are much less likely to cave in and eat them.  Do your family a favor, and get rid of any foods that hinder healing.
  • Buy healthy foods in bulk. If you are looking to save yourself time and prioritize your family’s health, then buying the good food in bulk is the best way to do that.  Not only will you save money this way, but you won’t have to go to the store as often.  Having what you need on hand to cook whole food meals will help prevent you from going back to the convenient options.
  • Make gut health a priority. All health begins in the gut.  If your gut is not healthy, then that opens the door to immune dysfunction and a host of other issues.  Keep your gut healthy by eliminating processed foods and adding fermented foods such as kombucha, sauerkraut, and kefir into your diet on a regular basis.
  • Focus on building the immune system. We take our immune systems for granted when they’re nice and strong, but as soon as we get an illness we realize how much we have been neglecting it.  Nothing makes you get further behind and busier with life than when you have to take a few days off due to being sick.  Take vitamins, get sunlight, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for their nutrients in order to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.
  • Make sure the family gets enough rest. It’s easy to think, as a busy mama, that if we could just stay up a little later, get up a little earlier, we could get more done.  But that’s often not the case.  If we don’t get enough rest, we get sick, we get behind, and we aren’t as effective.  Making sure everyone gets enough rest is so important in keeping your family healthy.  Your to-do list can wait one more day, go ahead and take a nap.
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How Busy Moms Can Have a Healthy Home


I know it sounds overwhelming to make all of these changes, but just take one step at a time.  We only have one body and our kids depend on us to feed them high quality “grow foods” to nourish theirs.   The convenience foods these days are full of ingredients that cause problems in our bodies, and then we wonder why we’ve got epidemics of autoimmune disease, diabetes, and behavior problems in our kids.


It’s so unfortunate that we are raising the first generation of kids that are not expected to outlive their parents because we aren’t feeding them real, homegrown food; we are feeding them food made in a lab and in a factory.  But together, we can change that.  We want to do what’s best for our children, and feeding them whole, nutritious foods is the simplest way to start!


How Busy Moms Can Have a Healthy Home


It’s a slow path to wellness, especially when you’re dragging screaming kids with you. But it’s possible. And I can guarantee you that if you start taking steps toward health now, you will be able to set your family up with good habits for life.


My book will help you to outline the steps to take so that you can attain health with your family too.  You can get a free sample chapter here, along with a pre-launch discount code!


What would be the simplest step to take toward a healthy family for you?


How Busy Moms Can Have a Healthy Home


What are you waiting for? Grab this book now!



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