10+ Breastfeeding Moms Share their Tips

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Breastfeeding Moms Share their Tips - National Breastfeeding Month

I remember those moments, his eyes fluttering and his tiny little body relaxing against me as he begins to drink. That soft baby curled up around me, us bonding in such a special way. The milk drunk face with pouty lips and an expression of pure relaxed bliss. I cherish those memories of breastfeeding my son.

Breastfeeding is a topic that is near to my heart, even if I am no longer nursing. I shared our journey on multiple occasions, sharing the good with the bad, the struggles with our joys.

Breastfeeding Moms Share their Tips - National Breastfeeding Month

Between World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month, this month is full of fantastic information and support for mothers and babies. I wanted to stay involved with the breastfeeding community and do a roundup of some wonderful blogger moms sharing their experiences and advice.

Breastfeeding and Working Mom Tips

Last year’s World Breastfeeding Week topic aligned with what I was experiencing – breastfeeding and work. I shared some of my tips and links to great resources about a working breastfeeding mom’s rights.

Working moms who breastfeed get very well acquainted with their breast pump. I shared a tip on how to order your breast pump through your insurance.

Breast Pump Insurance

I also shared tips on how to pack your pumping bag for work and some other tips and shortcuts for pumping moms.

Pumping Bag Essentials

Here are some more pumping tips from a working mom Memoirs of a Working Mom

Read some confessions from an exclusively pumping momFrom Nurse to Mom

Be sure to grab the printable fact sheet on keeping your breast pump clean from the CDC.


Breastfeeding for Beginners

Check out this wonderful nurse’s guide to breastfeedingThe Mama Nurse

Great lessons learned in breastfeeding – like it’s OK to cry over spilled milk. Diary of a New Mommy


More lessons learned in breastfeeding. Momma Junebug

The early days of breastfeeding can be surprising. Sophia Says Hello

You may need a distraction-free breastfeeding zoneSo(lace) in a Small Town

Here is a great list of favorite things to help with breastfeedingNaturally Made with Love

You may be in for some breastfeeding surprises that you weren’t expecting or at least were not prepared for. Short Sweet Mom

Did you know that you can multi-task quite a bit while breastfeeding? I shared a list of things I was able to do at the same time, while the baby was still little.

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Things you do while breastfeeding

Here is a full experience of Breastfeeding, from Birth to FinishHappy Healthy Thrifty Family

This is an incredibly well-researched post with an infographic on the Benefits of BreastfeedingMom Loves Best


Extended Breastfeeding

A lovely interview about extended breastfeeding with a great piece of advice – do whatever makes you and your baby happy. Diary of a New Mommy


There are quite a few challenges associated with feeding a toddlerHealthy Happy Thrifty Family


Breastfeeding Tips in General

Did you check out my 15+ recipes that boost lactation? There are some yummy options available.

Recipes that Boost Lactation for Breastfeeding Moms

Intimacy as a breastfeeding mom is an interesting topic as well. Lactivist in Louboutins

Breastfeeding and traveling have their particular challenges. Tapped Out Travellers


Tips from Breastfeeding moms

Some of the excellent posts in this roundup came from my fellow tribemates from the Mom Blog Tribe on Facebook.



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7 responses to “10+ Breastfeeding Moms Share their Tips

  1. Thanks for sharing these! It’s been 2 years since I nursed my son and I still miss that special connection we had. It made me feel so useful to be able to feed him. I feel blessed every day that we had that time.

  2. I always wanted to breastfeed and although I faced a massive struggle, I was able to and treasure the memories. I am in awe of American mothers who have to return to work so early and manage to continue breastfeeding and providing breastmilk for their children. You must have to be so organised and disciplined. Anyone who manages even a short time like that deserves a medal.
    Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare. I’m so sorry that it’s taken me so long to read and comment! Hannah

  3. Great roundup of links Julie. I just ordered a breastpump through insurance (for the first time, though this is my third time nursing!) and I can’t believe how easy it was. Wish it was that way for my first.

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