Side-Hustle Series: Interview with Social Media Marketer, Rosie

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I am enjoying interviewing professionals about their line of work or their side hustles. Today I am sharing an interview with Rosie, a Social Media Marketer.

 Side-Hustle Series: Interview with Social Media Marketer, Rosie

Tell us a little about yourself and your business. Why did you select it and how did you get started?

I’m Rosie Digout, mom of two teen daughters (17 and 13 years old) and live in Alberta, Canada. I’m also the CEO/Founder of Get Social, a small, feisty, boutique marketing agency.

I’ve been facilitating social media workshops before the buzzword “social media.” My first workshop was showing Tupperware consultants how to use Facebook for their home business. At that time, there were only Facebook groups. As quickly as Facebook became popular and it was the platform that everyone was on, I knew that a business needed to have a presence there. That was nearly ten years ago, and the principles that I taught then still apply today.

I work full time in communications and consulting has always been a side hustle. Although, a few years ago, I took the leap and went full time. That lasted three years and soon went back to it part time.


What are some of your favorite things about what you do?

I love showing business owners and companies how to leverage social media so that it can increase their customer base, increase brand awareness and above all increase their bottom line.


What are some challenges of this business?

Like any self-employed business – you get out of it what you put into it. There are times when I am like…yeah, I can do this! I go full throttle and then slow down. You can keep that pace only for so long before you burn out.

The second lesson that I’ve learned is to start asking myself – what is the best use of my time? If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

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Asking myself those questions helps remind me what’s important to me and my business. It helps me decide if I take on that project or if I should pass it onto someone else.


For someone interested in what you do, can you share what to expect as far as earning potential and effort?

Consulting is a hard business and pricing can even be more difficult. Some consultants/agencies will offer packages. With my business, I’ve always said that each person/company is unique, therefore each solution is different too.


What does it take for someone to get started with their own side hustle in your line of work?

Just do it!

I’ve taught my daughters that sometimes you just have to take the leap and go for it. If you’re too afraid to go full time, try it in your spare time. Entrepreneurs, in general, take those risks because sometimes those rewards are on the other side of fear. And if it doesn’t work out, figure out why it didn’t work out. What could you do differently? And then try again. So often, we give up before the going gets really good.


Anything else you would like to tell us about your business?

I LOVE what I do. I love that I can help people find solutions to their challenges. When you have that much passion for something, I say, find a way to make money from it. And finally, always put people first. Not that they are always right, but put yourself in their shoes. They came to you because they have a problem, it’s up you to figure out how to help them out.


If you’re interested in learning more, contact Rosie at her website, GetSocial.








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