Side-Hustle Series: Interview with Military Social Media Guru, Jenny

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Side-Hustle Series- Interview with Military Social Media Guru

I am enjoying interviewing professionals about their line of work or their side hustles. Today I am sharing an interview with Jenny Hale – The Military Social Media Guru.

Side-Hustle Series- Interview with Military Social Media Guru


Tell us a little about yourself and your business. Why did you select it and how did you get started?

I am a military social media and marketing strategist/consultant. I work with military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between the way the military markets to their community and how the civilian sector markets. I teach clients how the “other side” thinks and how to change the way they think about marketing to improve their business’ success.


For those who don’t know what social media consulting entails, can you share a little of what you do for your clients?

For me, consulting involves a lot of things. I offer one-on-one strategy sessions to offer marketing tips and social media audits. I also offer corporate board member training classes on how to use social media properly. I also have packages for those who just don’t have time to do it themselves – they range from content marketing creation to graphic design to social media management to public relations strategies. As a consultant, I teach military companies and owners how to build the right kind of marketing strategy from the ground up.


What are some of your favorite things about what you do?

I help the military community – from a transitioning servicemember to a military spouse looking for financial freedom.


What are some challenges of this business?

It’s very niche – that’s what also makes it awesome!


For someone interested in what you do, can you share what to expect as far as earning potential and effort?

Social media and marketing consultation is very popular. It seems like everyone is doing it nowadays. What makes me different is the niche I’m in (and how young I am!). It’s a lot of work, but the more niche you are, the more focused your marketing is.

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What does it take for someone to get started with their own side hustle in your line of work?

Experience and a lot of experimentation.


Anything else you would like to tell us about your business?

We have an amazing military family hanging out over at! We welcome military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs looking for tips and tricks to market their businesses.


If you’re interested in learning more, contact Jenny Hale – The Military Social Media Guru. You can also find her on Twitter @JenMilMarketing.








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