Gratitude and Goals May 2017 #GratitudeGoals

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Gratitude and Goals

My Gratitude:

  • My birthday was great! A wonderful day spent watching Beauty and the Beast with hubby, eating a nice lunch (with dessert) and just enjoying a beautiful day outside, relaxing, while the kidlet was in daycare!
  • And yes, we had sushi. And met up with some friends.
  • We took the kidlet to the children’s museum – the big one in Houston. It was quite huge and I’m glad we finally went to check it out.
  • We went to my neighbor’s birthday party for her 2-year-old and also another 2-year-old’s birthday party for a friend from a local mom group. It is fun to watch this kiddo interact with others and enjoy playing with water and kiddie pools so much. The second party also did an egg hunt since it was Easter weekend and that was adorable.
  • Then this past weekend I had another mini vacation because my parents came to visit! It was awesome having them here! They got to interact so much with their grandson, and he especially had fun playing with Grandpa 🙂 We went to the beach one day, Galveston is gorgeous this time of year. Our town also had a crawfish festival this weekend so we got to listen to live music, eat some food (no crawfish was consumed by this family, but we did eat some shrimp and boudin balls) as well as enjoy some yummy drinks like lemonade served in a pineapple. Yea that was awesome. And the little dude had a blast playing in the splash pad. It was wonderful to get to spend some time with my parents and I really didn’t want to send them home.
  • And now it’s May, which means this long year and a half craziness is coming to an end! Hubby will be home soon, for good. Then the madness will really begin.

My Goals:

  • Continue picking away at the goals to rock my blog! I’m making progress with the Elite Blog Academy course. Unit 2 was to write more pillar content, and I feel like I have churned out some great posts lately. Now I’m trying to avoid post writing burn out and do some other things.
  • Continue the bed before midnight goal. Continue to focus on my health and taking better care of myself. At least cold and flu season is over, right?
  • Keep working with the toddler on his tantrums. Sometimes I feel like we make some progress, and then he completely falls apart on me and starts biting again :/
  • Harmonize. Stay positive. I am working on going with the flow and not resisting all the changes in my life.
  • Declutter. Get rid of stuff. Minimize. Too much stuff in our home! Picking away at things little by little.
  • Make a plan for our transition. It would help to know a timeline though, but I have started researching things we will need.
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What are you thankful for this month? What are your goals for the month ahead? Share your posts with us!


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