Morning Routine Tips for Busy Moms that Will Make You an Organized Rockstar

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Inside: Rock your busy mom morning routine with these organization tips! 

I see it every morning. I know what you’re going through.

Rushing to get out the door. Already running late. Checking the traffic report and dreading the drive ahead.

The toddler just doesn’t want to put on his shoes or leave his latest obsession: the measuring spoons. The fussing and “hurry up” and stress that happens every day.

Mornings are rough enough as a working mom. Not only do we have to get ourselves ready but we also need to get the children up, dressed, and fed.


Rock your busy mom morning routine | Grab your agenda workbook to organize your mom schedule. Morning Routine Tips for Busy Moms that Will Make You an Organized Rockstar


Get out the door on time with these working mom organization tips

The worst thing we can do as busy working moms is to have no plan for how we run our mornings. Trust me, I tried the “fly by the seat of my pants” routine, and it does not work so well. At all!

It isn’t just the mommy brain that makes mornings feel like you’re walking through a pool of water, though being sleep-deprived will totally do that, we just have too much. Too much to do, too much to remember, and no magical unicorns to make it happen for us.

So what is a busy working mom to do? We come up with our own plan – our organized working mom routine – to make our mornings run smoother. Because if we don’t take control, who will? Oh, that’s right. Those tiny humans we created.

Morning Routine Tips for Busy Moms | Rock your busy mom morning routine | Grab your agenda workbook to organize your mom schedule. Morning Routine Tips for Busy Moms that Will Make You an Organized Rockstar

What’s the #1 tip for mornings that run smoothly?

Mornings run smoothly when you plan ahead in the evening. Truth, and it isn’t that surprising, is it?

If you’re anything like me, running around from task to task in the morning trying to remember and grab everything you need, is exhausting. And then you’re flustered, and your hair sticks out in all directions, and you still have to drive to work.

Implementing an organized evening plan for the next day is crucial and helps make the morning run more efficiently. You just check off the tasks on your (mental or physical) to-do list and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.


An Organized Evening Plan for Working Moms

Take a moment after all the chaos of the evening is done (i.e. children are in bed, and dishes and food have been put away) and think about the next day. Do a brain dump of what you need to get done tomorrow and in upcoming days. I like to do this on Sundays, so I know what tasks are going to be keeping me up at night all week. Kidding. Sort of.

Are there important events coming up? Be sure to put them on your family wall calendar or your digital Google calendar. Or you can use the lovely daily agenda printable I have prepared for you!

Plan out your meals – hopefully, by Sunday night you already have your grocery shopping done and meal prepping started, but if you wing it each night that’s OK too!

Part of planning meals for me is lunches. I like to prep my lunch bag on Sunday night and then add or swap out items each evening as needed. Here’s what goes in my lunch bag:

  • Spoon and Fork in a baggie
  • Five days of salad dressing. I love these individual salad dressing packets from Kraft, great for my salads without having to “lose” my dressing in the communal fridge at work.
  • Five days of vitamins in those little pill containers
  • Snacks, granola bars, etc
  • Fruit
  • Yogurt
  • Salad
  • Main course, usually a Lean Cuisine or Nutrisystem meal that gets added from the freezer in the morning

After getting home from work, I replace the utensils, add fresh salad in a container, add new fruit and snacks and yogurt and put the lunch bag in the fridge. That makes my mornings quick and efficient. Grab the lunch bag, grab the main course from the freezer, and stick it in my car.

I also remind myself to prep and set the coffee pot as soon as I get home from work, so I don’t forget later at night and get mad at myself in the morning. Coffee is non-negotiable!

I also prep what I need for daycare for the week – clean blanket (my toddler loves the airplane blanket I featured in the holiday gift guide) and more diapers, and put that in the car in the evening so I don’t forget it in the morning.

Another important item to do in the evening is to plan what you are wearing tomorrow and lay out the clothing. Getting dressed in the morning is hard for me – I keep staring at the closet and not seeing anything. But if I already have my clothes planned and ready, I just put them on while I’m half blind with sleep and keep going. When my toddler first started daycare, I would lay out all five days of clothing for him in a pile next to his changing table. Then when I changed him out of his pajamas and overnight diaper, I just grabbed the next set of pants and shirt and done. That really helped with the morning fog.

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A Better Busy Mom Morning Routine

In my mind, the best morning routines are the shortest.

The less you have to do before getting out the door (preferably on time) the smoother things will run. Get everyone dressed, fed, and load up the car are the important tasks – extra stuff that gets squeezed into the race can be trouble.

My morning typically look like this:

I get myself up and do the grooming and getting dressed part. Sometimes I snooze the alarm a few times, especially if the toddler wakes a lot at night, so my mornings can be a bit rushed.

First, I let out and feed dogs – they are the easiest to take care of.

I stick my breakfast in the microwave and my son’s waffle (whole grain, of course) in the toaster. I do the pouring of the coffee into my Supernatural themed coffee tumbler and bringing of the lunch into the car.

Then I set out everyone’s breakfast.

Then and only then do I wake the toddler (unless he is already up and causing trouble). I dress him quickly (or as quickly as his squirming body allows) since the clothing is already laid out, and I stick him in his high chair so we can both enjoy breakfast.

Then, once breakfast is done, I lock up the dogs again and do a quick clean up.

Finally, I grab the toddler, clean him up, and shuttle him straight to the car. He doesn’t get a chance to run around in the morning, or we’ll be there all day. Straight from the chair to his car seat, and since everything else is already in the car and ready to go, we’re done!


Morning Routine Tips for Busy Moms | Rock your busy mom morning routine | Grab your agenda workbook to organize your mom schedule. Morning Routine Tips for Busy Moms that Will Make You an Organized Rockstar

I have come across this amazing course called Time Mastery for Women – it is a complete system for organizing our time and life. You should check it out.

Grab your Busy Mom Master Agenda Printable

I made you a present! I know many people love to write down their to-do list and schedules, something about writing makes it more meaningful to the brain. So here’s a master agenda printable for the day, to write out your schedule of appointments and important tasks!

Remember – write out your master agenda plan the night before!


Grab your Master Agenda now!

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Working Mom Organization Tips to Rock your Morning | Grab this master agenda printable and organize your morning routine today! Morning Routine Tips for Busy Moms that Will Make You an Organized Rockstar



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  1. plan what you are wearing tomorrow and lay out the clothing <== this simple advice changed my life. It's somehow much easier to find clothes to wear for the day before you go to sleep than after you wake up 😀

  2. Always having a routine is best. Even though I work from home my son goes to prek for a few hours a day. We have our routine from wake up until he gets home.

  3. Having a plan is the best thing a mama can do. I have mine which is different from yours but it works for us especially since I work-from-home and most of the work requires my toddler to be in bed, lol. Thanks for sharing this.

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