How to have a Well Ordered Kitchen

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Some homemakers have a magic touch when it comes to organizing their homes and especially their kitchens. If you are like me, not a great homemaker, then we need tools to help us fake it. Like the Well-Ordered Kitchen Planner.

If your kitchen is anything like mine, it may look like this:

  • Piles of paper – books, newspaper, magazines, coupons, junk mail – ugh
  • Printed recipes from various sites that you sometimes remember to look through
  • Kitchen supplies that you confiscated from the toddler (stolen from the kitchen drawers you can’t easily lock) laid around up high where he can’t reach
  • Appliances everywhere
  • Toys? yep toys all over. I mean, I don’t own my house anymore, right? The kid rules all.
  • Pantry full of something, I don’t even know what anymore.

Sigh. I need to get a system!

Why you need an organized kitchen

Save money!

First and foremost, we want to save money rather than spend too much, right? Well if our kitchen is organized and we know what we have, we won’t buy extras of food items we can’t use anyway before they go bad. Or forget you have items that end up going bad, and money has been wasted. When we plan ahead we really help protect our budgets.

Helps in meal planning

Look we’ve all been hearing that we need to meal plan and have a grocery list and not just wander the isles aimlessly wondering what we’re going to eat this week. Just me? Having an organized meal plan goes hand in hand with an organized kitchen, and makes meal time so much easier!

Makes your home look good

I mean, a messy kitchen means a messy home, right? The kitchen is such a central place where family and guests can hang out, so an organized and well-planned kitchen makes your house look great.

Why you need this Well-Ordered Kitchen Planner

I think I found the tool to make all that happen! It’s called the Well-Ordered Kitchen Planner and it is super awesome!

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Quick Reference Charts!

Reference charts FTW! I’m sick of having to look up conversions for measurements. And what about substitutions for ingredients you forgot to buy because your grocery list isn’t that thought out? Fuhgetaboutit. But this planner? All the charts! All the great information you need, right at your fingertips!

Family and party planning sheets

Plan for guests with organized lists. Need to know how long it takes to cook a certain vegetable to perfection? This booklet has got ya covered! Seriously want to start using herbs but don’t know where to start – there’s guide for that too!

Meal plans and grocery lists

You can’t forget the most important part of kitchen organization – the meal planning part. There are blank meal plans and master grocery lists. Don’t forget the basic staples and weekly needs!


DIY a lovely binder

Yes, this planner is a printable package. That means you get to assemble your own delicious binder of kitchen goodness to use again and again. Sure, that’s a tad bit extra work up front with the putting it together and adding in your own favorite family recipes – but that kind of project ends up being close to your heart and makes you want to keep up with it, right?

Ready to have a well-organized kitchen?

Grab this Well-Ordered Kitchen Planner today and get your kitchen organized this weekend! I know I’m going to benefit from the extra recipes included in the booklet too. Hurray for easy and quick family meals!


Do you have an organiezd kitchen? Will you be grabbing this lovely planner?

>> Click here to learn more about the Well-Ordered Kitchen Planner!



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