How I streamline my busy life as a working mom with these time-saving tips

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Work, take care of your family, sleep (yea, right), repeat.

Wearer of many hats, and not all that fit just right, moms are busy. So busy. But we have to get it all done, whether we like it or not. Whether our mommy brains cooperate, or not.

Time saving tips for working moms | How to streamline your life as a busy mom

Easy, time-saving tips for working moms

But we can make things easier on ourselves and our busy schedules by finding ways to streamline and simplify our tasks. Read on for some of my time-saving tips and how I streamline my busy life as a working mom.


Streamline your busy mom life: Automate all the things


Put all my bills on Auto Pay

First, let’s just say that paying bills takes too much time. Writing checks, mailing them, making sure the check cleared and didn’t get lost in the mail (ahem – yes this has happened to me several times). Now I put everything on auto pay if I can. The bill comes through and takes what it needs from my bank account, and I just get an alert and keep on with my life. Money management made easy, for real! Of course, you still have to make sure you have enough funds to cover all the said bills but provided these are recurring, predictable amounts and our income streams stay the same, it just takes a lot of hassle from my life.

If I have bills that are irregular or do not have auto pay options (like paying the lawn guys) I use my bank’s Bill Pay option. They send the check, track it, make sure it is safe. Again, my post office is not to be trusted. Plus, I go online and submit payment, and the bank does the rest.


Use app shortcuts

There are many apps and all things tech that you can do to streamline and automate.

Do you use Gmail? I create “canned responses” to help me reply to emails I get most often (typically relating to the blog). Then I just reply and insert one of these, tweak if needed and send. Saves so much time.

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Other online apps? Use IFTTT (if THIS then THAT). Connect all your media and internet apps. Create recipes for all the things! Such as, if I tag a message “Evernote” in my Gmail, then send a copy of this email to my Evernote app. Seriously, there are tons of recipes you can use and make things work faster for you.


Streamline your busy mom life: Delivery of everything


Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping

I was a long-time hold out on getting Amazon Prime, but I finally caved and have never regretted it. I love being able to just randomly decide I need something, click it, and have it at my door in a couple of days.

I even use their subscribe and save feature! I love being able to get things I am running out of, especially baby-related stuff, automagically. Diapers? Wipes? No more running out. Delivered each month with a reminder email in case I need to extend or update the delivery date.

Some other things I purchase regularly? Sippy cups and those little white inserts. Individual salad dressing– yes, so I can bring it to work and not have to keep a bottle in the fridge.

You can get a free month of Amazon Prime. Not only do you get discounts on diapers and other baby essentials, but you also get 2-day shipping. When you need something pretty quickly, and really don’t want to go to the store, it helps to have it delivered right to your door! with 2-day shipping

I’m pretty sure this new change at is due to their attempt to compete with Amazon. I only recently noticed that the free 2-day shipping option was available. Previously, it was just a regular free shipping option if you have more than $50 in groceries, but now they dropped it to $35 I think. It can change so, please don’t quote me and do double-check, but this option has been brilliant for me.

I buy my big pantry type items to be delivered straight to my house. Items like dog food, cat food, cat litter, canned items in bulk, etc.

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I also buy new clothes for my toddler this way, because of the great prices and since he grows so fast. And shoes. How does one kid destroy shoes so fast?

Shop the Ultimate Gift Guide All Year Long at!


Getting groceries delivered with Shipt

Because shopping with a toddler is the biggest pain in the you-know-what ever, I prefer to have my groceries delivered, via the Shipt app. Seriously, though, I pick out my groceries from my local HEB, add them to the cart, and check out. Then my shopper superhero does the work and brings it to my house. Best. Thing. Ever. Sometimes I even get my list together and check out while I’m still at work, to have the groceries delivered when I get home. It’s almost like having a wife!

Check to see if Shipt is available in your area, and if you sign up with my link, we each get $10 to spend on groceries. You’re welcome.


Snack delivery with Graze

Look, I like my snacks. Healthy snacks are important at work, and who has the time to pre-package snacks? Not this girl. I love getting a box of Graze in the mail, and then I just take it to work and have a healthy snack each day.

If you want to try Graze out, you can get your 1st and 5th box free if you use my promo code: ZH7CFJVCB.


What other time-saving hacks do you have to make your busy mom life easier? Share with us!


Time saving tips for working moms | How to streamline your life as a busy mom


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  1. Shipt sounds so cool! I juice a lot and constantly need more fruits and veggies, which the local supermarket won’t deliver. I hope the app will be available in my area soon – it will save so much of my time!

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