How I practice self-care on my commute

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Working moms who work outside the home envy those who work from home most over one particular item: their lack of commute.

If your commute is anything like mine, you’re probably super stressed by the time you even arrive at work in the morning.

Oh, how I would love to see teleportation invented already, so I don’t have to drive to and from work on a daily basis. I waste spend about 3 hours on average every day on the road, thanks to the wonder that is Houston traffic.

How is a busy mom to cope with such a long commute?

Well, I try to use the time well so it is not a complete waste and so that I am at least enjoying myself somewhat.

Practice Self-Care on your Commute



Practicing self-care on my commute

Call Home

While maybe not reasonable on the morning commute, I tend to have a lot of phone calls on my drive home. But hey – do this safely! Hands-free Bluetooth devices, please! No holding your phone or texting while driving!

For a while, I was calling my Mom almost daily just to check in and have some mental sanity time. I also like to have calls with my husband at this time since we are typically both driving. It is a good chance to check-in and catch-up on our plans and to-do list since we have so little time together as it is.


I have been listening to audiobooks, and they have really saved my sanity in Houston traffic. I love Audible and have a subscription so I can get one new book each month, or several at a time if I let my credits pile up. You can have a max of 6 though, so sometimes I binge purchase a series! The credits usually cost less than the books would, but if the audiobooks are on sale, I obviously don’t waste a credit.

I also have a subscription to, which is kind of like Netflix for audiobooks! Yes, I subscribe to both. There can never be too many audiobooks! Here I can listen to as many as I want but can only have two books downloaded at one time.

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If you’re lucky enough not to have to drive but take public transit instead, you can read an actual book or an ebook. I had that opportunity for a time where I was going downtown to a client’s office 2-3 days a week and taking the commuter bus. It was amazing. I got to read actual books! With my eyes! And ebooks tend to be on the cheaper side so I would fill my Kindle with some free or cheap e-books with the help of BookBub.

Deep breathing

Sometimes being at a dead stop on the freeway is immensely stressful. Yet, there’s not much to do about it. So this is when I remember to take deep “yoga breaths” to clear my mind and ease the tension. Deep breathing (when I remember to do it) helps me arrive to work more centered and less frazzled. I sure do not enjoy being so frazzled all the time.


How do you practice self-care on your commute? I’d love to hear more ideas!



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