Gratitude and Goals January 2017 #GratitudeGoals

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Gratitude and Goals

My Gratitude:

  • December was a busy month full of holidays and family. Hubby took an extended leave and I took PTO and we spent over a week together. It was wonderful! It went by so fast.
  • We visited in-laws in the D/FW area for belated holidays and early birthday celebration, because we gotta do what we gotta do while we’re together.
  • The Chrismas German Festival was this past month and was fun as usual. We got pictures with Santa, took pics in front of the giant tree, went on a train ride and more. Love these festivals.
  • We took the kiddo to the Children’s Museum and had a ton of fun. We chased him around for 3 hours! Then got a great nap out of him.
  • Speaking of sleep, he slept wonderfully all night the entire time Daddy was home. That stopped when Daddy returned to duty though :/
  • Happy to be feeling better again. I spent most of November and December with one flu or another cold. I’m about over it and hope to stay healthy in January.
  • The lovely Mary at Living a Sunshine Life suggested a really awesome word of the year for me. My life is in flux, and I actually don’t have the answer yet to where things will go. So she suggested Harmonize. This is brilliant because that’s exactly what I need to do, adjust and work with whatever direction life goes. If I go with the flow, rather than be a roadblock, things will be much smoother.

My Goals:

  • Start picking away at the goals to rock my blog!
  • Continue the bed before midnight goal. I need more rest.
  • Keep working with the toddler on his tantrums. I don’t want to lose the progress Daddy made, even if the kiddo treats me differently.
  • Stay positive. This one has been hard for me lately.
  • Harmonize.

What are you thankful for this month? What are your goals for the month ahead? Share your posts with us!


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  2. I’m thankful for our health. We battle a very bad virus and my newborn caught it and I had to take her to the hospital. It was scary but she is fine now. My husband left for two months for a military school so I’m here alone with the kids. So far it has been going great, but we are only on day two! LOL.

  3. So sorry you have been struggling with illness and staying positive lately. That’s really tough. Hugs my friend! Getting to bed earlier and feeling more rested really should help. Wish I could make your little guy sleep better for you too mama! Hang in there, and happy new year!

    • Awesome! Looking forward to reading that post. If you want to join the Gratitude and Goals mailing list I’ll send a reminder to link up 🙂

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