Date Night Ideas for Parents

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When was the last time you went on a date with your husband?

A huge commercial holiday is coming up where date nights are expected and candy will be exchanged. Are you ready?

Well, I know that as a parent, I’m not. Not that I’ve been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day specifically – I think we should make the effort to show our love and try to spend time with our spouse regularly, not because of a holiday. But sometimes you take what you can get, right?

And with kids? Making date night happen is not easy! I have listed and rounded up ideas for a fun date night with your spouse. You can use these ideas for the upcoming holiday, or any time of year!



Making time for Date Night

Set up an “us” time when the kids are asleep. Especially if your children have early bed times, you can really take advantage of that quiet time together on the weekends. Provided your children sleep well, of course.

Do you both have a day off work but daycare is still open? Send that toddler to daycare and have a movie day!  The husband and I did that over the holidays and saw a double feature. It was so amazing to have some kid-free time.

Trade babysitting with a friend or neighbor. Maybe you have alternating weekends where you have a play date while the other couple gets some quality time together.

Otherwise, it might be a good idea to get a babysitter that you can call on to watch your kids so you can go out. You might also like this babysitter in a bag binder kit.

And if you’re separated by many miles, consider sending a long distance date.


Date Night Ideas

Now comes the fun part – this is where we find some ideas for a special date with your significant other.

a year of dates printables

There’s always the simple idea of rent a movie and snuggle on the couch. Sometimes those are my favorite.

Go to the drive-in movies if you have one near you. Or a regular movie theater will do.

Or get all dressed up and go see a play at the fancy theater in town.

Cook for each other, together. Bonus points if it is a brand new recipe for you.

Date Night E-book with over 200 date night ideas!

Do a scavenger hunt around your town based on the season or a specific topic.

Go to a museum.

Try one of these date night kits to DIY a fun date night.


Envelope Date Night Kits |


Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Maybe talk about what you like about each neighbor’s yard.

Play some board games. Seriously game nights are fun and there are plenty of two-person player games.

Or play a video game together, especially if your spouse is a gamer! We had such a fun time playing these on the Playstation.

Go to the park and walk a trail. Don’t forget to pack a picnic!

Go to a local festival.  My area is always doing one festival or another, it is awesome!


Here are some more amazing date night ideas from lovely bloggers I follow:


Here’s a collection of a year of date cards for two to try!

52 Date Night Ideas for Two |

What date nights do you have planned?




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