Goals for 2016 – A Reflection as 2016 comes to a close

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How is it possible that 2016 is coming to an end already? I’m kind of ready to be done with it. Life has gone in a direction I was not expecting this year, and I honestly don’t know what’s in store for 2017.  I suppose it is time to check in with my 2016 goals and see if I was successful in at least some of them this year.

My Goals for 2016


Maintain Balance and live in the moment. Here is what I wanted to get done: I will play with my child and find ways to include him in my hobbies now that he is mobile and interacting with the world around him. I will keep positive and not allow myself to get too overwhelmed with my responsibilities and endless to-do lists. Most importantly, I will maintain sanity while my husband is away for his training. I survived a full deployment on my own; I should be able to handle a few months with a toddler.

December Update:  I do my best to keep positive, but I’m going to be honest, my will has been tested and broken multiple times over this year (and the few months has turned into all year plus more). I have so many responsibilities while solo parenting and working full time and blogging.

There are times when I just don’t want to adult anymore.

My child is difficult. He is strong-willed, stubborn as all get-out, and takes all his frustrations out on mommy. He’s an angel at daycare and a demon-possessed creature at home with me. Guess that’s toddler life, but it has been really rough on me.

Every time I try to take him somewhere, he ends up flipping out and it’s tantrum city. It is very hard to manage him by myself, so rather than including him in my hobbies I have just stopped doing my hobbies. It sucks, and I am mad at myself for letting it get to this point. But I can’t take him to book clubs because he disrupts the whole thing. I have a hard time even at playdates and birthday parties because he doesn’t want to do what everyone is supposed to be doing and just runs off or gets into trouble.

Sigh. I suppose this is a continuing work in progress. Not going to call it a fail, but definitely goal not achieved.


Organize the house. Here is what I wanted to get done:

  • Organize the home office. The closet is full of boxes that still need to be unpacked and organized. I also keep making piles of documents that need to be filed but rarely take the time to actually file them, so the piles continue forming.
  • Bedroom decluttering. There are still some boxes in our master bedroom that have not been put away. And, of course, there are the suitcases from travel that get stuck in corners and take ages to unpack for some reason.
  • Kitchen decluttering/organization. I’ve been able to put away a lot of the baby feeding stuff now that the little guy is weaned off bottles and onto sippy cups, is no longer on formula, and I’m no longer pumping breastmilk at work and cleaning all the supplies. I still need to come up with a system and reduce some of the clutter on our counters.
  • Baby stuff. Also mentioned earlier, but this has become an issue. We recently brought home a bunch of stuff from my Mother-in-Law’s house that she had for my niece and nephew. A lot of the haul is toys my little is just too little for. So what do I do with it? Right now my poor library is used as storage, and that is not right.

December Update: Fail. But mostly, priorities changed and I just didn’t care anymore.

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I did declutter the kitchen a bit when I stopped breastfeeding – pack away all my supplies (pump, storage bottles, etc.) as well as all the baby bottles since we transitioned to sippy cups. But outside of that I haven’t done any decluttering or organizing.



Budget – seriously.  Here is what I wanted to get done: Between the many student loans, the mortgage and car notes, the unexpected roof repair loan, child care costs and other bills, we’ve been terrible at managing our finances. We do have some extra income coming in this year with hubby’s training, my 2.5% raise, and hopefully hubby’s promotion (he’s due for one at work, but they’ve made no promises), and maybe even some legit blogging income. We’re starting 2016 with a lot of continued debt, but after taxes are filed and paid, and immediate expenses are taken care of, we plan to come seriously up with a debt management plan and start managing our finances responsibly. Some of that includes really thinking about unexpected or seasonal expenses and setting aside for them each month. We didn’t prepare for the holidays this year, and that was our bad. Our plan is to snowball our loan payments by first increasing what we pay to a particular loan and once that is paid off, take the entire payment amount and apply it to the next loan. My husband was able to take the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course for free while he was deployed a couple of years ago, so we will revisit some of those lessons and see how we can apply them in our financial journey. This definitely isn’t something we can complete in 2016 – if I added up the amount of our debt I would probably start crying – but a good plan put in place is absolutely required.

December Update: No formal budget because of all the transitional temporaries in our life this year. We have been paying down extra on loans and have paid off the roof loan in the earlier part of the year, and have made some great progress on other loan balances. But that’s as far as we’ve gotten. So, a partial win.


Focus on my overall health and lose the baby weight. Here is what I wanted to get done: I’ve yo-yo-ed with my baby weight, losing half of it during maternity leave, and then gaining it all back after returning to work. My clothes don’t fit, my body doesn’t feel well, and now that my baby is a bit older it is time for the excuses to stop and me to start focusing on my health. My parents bought me a month of Nutrisystem, so if that works well for me, I’ll continue it. Their basic program seems to be a little less costly than the Jenny Craig program I did (which worked well for me and I lost about 30 pounds pre-baby).  I’m also still breastfeeding, but only morning and evening typically. I don’t know if that is making me keep the extra stores of “fuel” on my body, especially since my supply is dwindling away, but I’m going to try to keep at it until he’s no longer interested or I dry up. I need to continue to drink a lot of water, but I really need to add in the workout sessions. Even short ones, I just have to make it happen because continuing to be so sedentary is not an option.

December Update: Total win! Thanks to Nutrisystem and the fact that my toddler doesn’t let me sit down and enjoy a meal, I’m down 40 pounds! I weigh less now than my pre-pregnancy weight, and I haven’t been this weight in many, many years. So… none of my clothes fit LOL. I can’t say I have any formal workout sessions, but we go walking often in the evening, and of course I’m always on my feet with him.

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Read more. Here is what I wanted to get done: I do listen to a lot of audiobooks on my long commute, so I get in a good amount of books that way. But I miss sitting down and reading. I miss curling up on the couch. And most of all, I miss my library that I never really got to use because it got completed and then I had a baby. Maybe my little man is getting to a point where he can play quietly in the middle of the room while I sit on my recliner and read a book? We’re hosting the #ShelfLove challenge again on Chapter Break, and I plan to read some more of the books I’ve already collected that are now just collecting dust.

December Update: Gonna call this a fail. I have such a hard time getting the time to read without interruption and by the time I finally go to bed at night I’m too tired to read. And my poor library is so neglected. At least I have my audiobooks.


Blog consistently and with purpose. Here is what I wanted to get done: I’ve been working on growing my blog, and my writing skills through it, and my plan is to continue this growth. I feel blocked a lot, and often feel like I need a rebrand but don’t have any naming ideas. I’m limited on time to blog, but also feel like I’m missing something in my motivation. I will continue to make my blog work for me as hard as I am working for it. I will continue to focus on sponsored content as my primary income option, but will still attempt to improve my affiliate options. I also plan on adding content upgrades to built my email list, and then start selling a few digital products. One such plan is my nanny contract template that I plan to launch at the beginning of the year.

December Update:  This one I will call a win. I have really focused on turning my blog from hobby to hustle this year and have made significant progress. Still not where I want to be, but something I am continually working on improving.

I love the rebrand and my new look. I have been better connecting with my readers as well as with brands. I’m earning more than I spend, even with all the courses I’m buying, so that’s a win.

I have my first product: my nanny contract template. I’ve sold a few!

I have ideas for next year and more courses I plan to take to level up my blogging.


Overall 2016 status: I guess you win some and you lose some. It has been interesting to review my original goals and see how much this year has changed and gone in different directions than expected. I liked how I did the goals in categories (mind, body, life, home, etc) and I may do something similar when I think through my goals for 2017.

What are your goal updates? 


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20 responses to “Goals for 2016 – A Reflection as 2016 comes to a close

  1. Definitely give yourself some grace. Your son is at a tough age (been there/am there!). You have an incredible amount of stuff on your plate and I’m in awe of what you accomplish! You are a seriously strong woman and you deserve a break! Hopefully some of these things get worked out for you in 2017.

  2. I love the way you categorized your goals. You were so thorough with them in your review as well. I like your positive attitude and not getting too down on yourself for what you didn’t get done. You did a lot!

  3. LOVE this, and I love the way your are so real with us. You’re right–win some, lose some–but always learning and making adjustments. Funny how things that seem so important during one season of life float off the radar when life happens. Boy do I know about that! I seriously don’t know how you do it all as a solo parent.

  4. Love this! It’s important to kind of do an accountability check on ourselves! Makes it easier to set new goals and maybe see where we can do better or deserve some slack!

  5. Love the transparency! I hear you – adulting is hard. We all stretch ourselves pretty thin! Great job on the weight loss – agree toddlers help with the constant activity!

  6. This is lovely to read! Congrats on that awesome weight loss!! That’s fantastic! I’m also waaayyy too tired to read these days. I actually can get through a lot of books by listening to audio books!

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