How to Prepare the Perfect Holiday Party Cheese Tray

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One of the best things about the holidays is getting together with loved ones, especially if you don’t get to see family very often. Our family is spread out and tends to move around, so spending a holiday with a family member means travel is involved. Sometimes, that means it’s hard to bring a dish to share for a lovely family meal. But a cheese tray is always in fashion and not too difficult to prepare on the go, even if you have to stop by the store on your way.


Tips for the Perfect Holiday Party Cheese Tray

Cheese Tray Tip: Variety of Cheeses

Variety is the spice of life, and all that. There’s a reason for that cliche; it is true. Depending on the size of your cheese tray, select several different types of cheese. A smaller tray can benefit from three different types of cheese, and a larger tray can have five, or more if you like.

Of course, focus on the flavors you enjoy the most and think of flavors that compliment each other. For example, Stella® has many varieties of cheese to choose from. Among my favorites is Stella Parmesan Cheese.


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Cheese Tray Tip: Add Fruit

Fruit and cheese go wonderfully together. Grapes are especially tasty when paired with cheese, and so are apples. Slice up some larger fruit or arrange some grapes on the vine (seedless, please) and let your guests enjoy picking their cheese and fruit options.

Dried fruits can add a fun flavor effect as well – so consider adding some dried cranberries to the tray.

Cheese Tray Tip: Snack Bread

Bread is a wonderful addition to any meal or snack.  Add some sliced baguette, breadsticks, or crackers to your cheese tray for a fun crunchy flavor.

Guests can create a mini sandwich if they choose with the crackers or baguette, which is fun for the children as well.


Cheese Tray Tip: Include Some Spread

If you’re going to add some bread, add some spread as well. It rhymes, therefore it’s true! Add a jelly or marmalade so that guests can enjoy some on a baguette.

Cheese Tray Tip: Other Sweet and Salty Sides

Another fun option for your cheese tray side is nuts. Add some variety, like cashews and maybe even pistachios. Nuts are fun to snack on for any occasion and are a fun crunchy opposite to soft cheese.

You can also add some cured meats to the tray. Proscuitto, anyone?


Cheese Tray Tip: Arranging

The fun part comes next – arranging it all! You definitely want to space out the foods so they are not overlapping. Everything should be visible and recognizable. Make sure the different type of cheese isn’t touching and group foods that pair together – such as bread and jelly.

Using food as an embellishment is fun too, such as sprinkling dried cranberries or nuts in the empty space between items.

If you are selecting special flavors of cheese, add some handwritten labels (or lay the product label near the cheese) so guests know what their choices are.

Have fun with it and enjoy your party cheese tray!



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What are your tips for an easy and perfect party cheese tray?



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  1. YUM! I like cheese trays not just for parties but we eat them for dinners some nights when we are crunched for time. So easy to make with cheese, fruits, crackers, and deli meat and my picky eaters always finds something they like when I have choices out like that. 🙂

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