The Best Natural Cough Suppressant Remedy to Stop your Cough Instantly

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My nose is itchy; my eyes are watering. I keep having to clear my throat, and sometimes I get into an uncontrollable fit. It must be Fall.

Everyone gets excited about the changing leaves and cooler temperatures. But for me, Fall only means one thing: cold and flu season.

This year is no different, and the dreaded cold monster found me yet again. Unfortunately for me, my cough seems to be of the unproductive, spasmodic variety. Once it starts, I might cough uncontrollably for several minutes until I can calm it down with liquids or a cough drop.

Cure Your Cough with this Cross-Cultural Remedy

I don’t know about you, but consuming too many cough drops makes my tummy hurt, another fun side-effect of being ill. But the other day my co-worker blew my mind with a cough remedy that is absolutely brilliant.

See, at home, I was following the Russian remedy, which is hot tea with honey, or even warm milk with honey. I have been doing the hot tea remedy at work since I don’t keep milk with me, but adding coffee creamer to have that creamy texture that helps soothe the throat.

But at a meeting when my cough attack came on suddenly, my coworker asked, “do you want the Indian remedy for that?” Yes, please!

So she starts with “warm milk,” and I say well that’s the Russian remedy. Then she says to add an ingredient I wasn’t expecting.

She says to add black pepper. Also, while you’re at it, turmeric root. But absolutely black pepper.

Now that blew my mind because, why pepper? Why would that soothe my throat, right? But I tried her remedy, and I can say it instantly brings relief.

I went into a coughing fit right before falling asleep one evening, and rather than taking another cough drop, I got up and went into the kitchen and tried this remedy. I microwaved some milk as I got out the black pepper and turmeric root from our pantry, all while still coughing. I sprinkled just a bit of each into the milk and stirred, and sipped. Such a brilliant option for a home remedy for a dry cough at night time.

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Immediately I started feeling better. I could feel the irritation that was causing the spasms start to calm down and after finishing the cup of milk, I was no longer coughing. Bonus points for the milk helping me fall asleep again.

I combined my coworker’s Indian remedy with the Russian remedy and came up with a home remedy to help soothe and stop my cough.

Cross-Cultural Home Remedy for your Cough

Add about a teaspoon of each seasoning and honey to a cup of warm milk and sip.

The turmeric is extra, for an immune boost. Apparently, it has amazing health benefits, and I was happy to have some at home. But the black pepper ingredient is genius, and when I went into another coughing fit at work I added some to my warm tea and coffee creamer for instant relief.

Have you tried this home remedy for coughing before? Do you have any family or cultural remedies to help ease through cold and flu season?



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16 responses to “The Best Natural Cough Suppressant Remedy to Stop your Cough Instantly

  1. I have been drinking golden milk (cashew milk, turmeric, black pepper, ground ginger, and honey) for my arthritis pain… Didn’t realize it would help with coughs too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is AWESOME!!! LOOOOVE turmeric so much, and had no idea that it was a cough suppressant. Do you think this would have the same effect with a dairy free milk? Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. I know this recipe but as a tea with no milk and sometimes people will add ginger too. I tried powdered turmeric in tea once and it didn’t sit well. So, I use the root in juices instead. My favorite drink this time of year is lemon & honey tea.

    • That’s a good call to use the root in juices if it didn’t work for you in tea. I haven’t tried adding ginger, another great suggestion.

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