What I’ll miss about having a Nanny and what I’m looking forward to with Daycare

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Having a person care for my child in my own home as been absolutely wonderful. When we were deciding whether to hire a nanny or take our baby to a daycare center, there were so many factors we considered. An in-home nanny/babysitter type situation was perfect for us, and  I will miss it now that it is coming to an end.

My nanny gave her notice, and today is her last day. I thought it would be fitting to reflect on our time together and the peace of mind she provided. Sure, it hasn’t been easy to having a stranger in our home, but we adjusted because the benefits were tremendous.

What I'll miss about having a Nanny and what I'm looking forward to with Daycare

Things I will miss about having a Nanny

  1. Not having to take my child out of the house has been so wonderful. I didn’t have to worry about packing a bag, getting him dressed and ready to go. If he was still sleeping when I had to leave for work, I could let him sleep, no big deal. Or playing. Or whatever he wanted to do other than get strapped into a car seat. She could dress him as needed and all the food and supplies were already there, nothing to risk forgetting.
  2. Having the nanny focus on my child’s needs meant he got attention right away when he needed it. Yes, we shared the nanny for a while with another family, but that meant there were still only two babies for her to care for. Still an amazing ratio considering other options.
  3. It was my home, so the comfort level was huge. I could check in on him during the day on my nanny cam app whenever I wanted. I knew he was safe because I knew what he could get into and babyproofed accordingly. I didn’t have to go somewhere special, just go to work and come home.
  4. The pets got care, too. Rather than being alone all day, the dogs got plenty of interaction with the nanny and my child. She let them outside often throughout the day, which is something they would not otherwise get.
  5. She did more than just watch my child. She was part of the home (she even lived with us for a while) and she also cooked dinner so we would all have something to eat, brought in the mail or any packages that were delivered, let in any technicians if something needed repairing, and more. Having someone at home all day was a tremendous safety peace of mind as well.
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But, I need to think positively. One of the items mentioned in this month’s goals update is the successful transition to daycare for my son. There are positives about a daycare situation as well and I need to remember that.

Things I am looking forward to with Daycare

  1. My child will have exposure to other children and learn from them. He’s been a bit spoiled being on his own so getting to see other children eating without fuss, napping when nap time is set, etc, will be great for him.
  2. Having other adults telling him what he needs to do and guiding him through his toddlerhood is going to be great for him. He will benefit from various teaching styles and personalities.
  3. He can start learning about diversity and how everyone has his or her own quirks and individuality, where he wouldn’t get that exposure at home.
  4. Going to daycare now will be a good introduction to going to school in the future.
  5. Having to get both of us ready in the morning to leave the house will be great for me, as well. I’ll learn some time management tricks as well to get us out on time.

I do think change is for the best and has many positive aspects, even if it will be a difficult transition at first. We did a partial week at daycare to start the transition this week, and next week he starts full time. Wish us luck, and share your tips!



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30 responses to “What I’ll miss about having a Nanny and what I’m looking forward to with Daycare

  1. Leah

    Hi everyone!
    I’m doing a project for my sociology class. Is a social study about nannies and families with nannies. If you could please help me here is the link to the survey https://goo.gl/forms/7OQSXT4Xev9ojsGj2 It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is very simple.
    I’ll be happy to share the results of my study with the community.
    Thank you in advance!

  2. Awww, I know it’s bitter sweet. We had a nanny with our first born. She gave her notice when she had to go through a few surgeries. We are still super close and she comes to the birthdays of all three kids. I give you a positive, I was a daycare child. I remember vividly. I made some best friends there. I also got to learn a little about life from a different perspective than my family’s. It helps and adds to the total contribution of one’s character. Talk often with your child and ask about his day. Blessings for all the best.

  3. I’m glad you listed the positives because I was almost in tears. haha. I think the socialization aspect is great. I started watching a little girl 3 days a week back in August. Though, there were some bumps in the beginning with getting them used to the other child, it has been really beneficial for my son. (I hope for her, too!)

    • I’m still super stressed out about it but I think it will be great for him to be around other kids. Same with your son and that little girl. They need to see how other children behave and react to things too.

  4. Last summer, I had a nanny come a couple hours a week. It was amazing. The twins got so much attention, and it was such a relief not to have to pack them up and take them somewhere. They now go to childcare on occasion instead. It’s definitely all about time management, but I love the social interaction they get, and the women in the childcare are wonderful too. I think it’s going to be great for you guys!

  5. I would love to have a nanny! We loved having our kids in daycare, but it became a financial burden after my youngest was born. I was basically working for just childcare, so I sacrificed my job to stay home. Three years later, a part-time job working from home, and blogging have all been possible for me!

    • I hope to do that one day. Grow my blog to be a part time income and reduce my hours at work. That would be wonderful, and even more amazing if I can work from home.

  6. Its so sad saying goodbye to a nanny! I have my son in part time daycare and part time with an income nanny, but we’re on our third. At any rate, I love the days my son is in daycare! He truly enjoys it! Best of luck to you guys, just wait til you start getting little homemade goodies from daycare that will melt your heart.

    • Ooh I am looking forward to seeing what crafts they do with the kids 🙂 It sounds like you’ve had some good experience in both sides of this, I’d love to have you guest post if you’re interested 🙂

  7. I would love to experiment with a nanny or daycare. Unfortunately the cost of either out ways the point of me going to work outside of the home. I love your points though because this has been in the back of my mind for awhile now.

    • That’s just unfair for child care to cost so much that it makes you not able to work outside the home if that is what you wanted. But yea, one child is doable, but multiple children in a daycare gets really costly.

  8. Krystal Miller

    I can definitely understand being attached to your nanny. Hopefully, the transition won’t be too difficult.

  9. I would love to have a nanny! Wow! A woman can dream, right? It’s interesting how each season of life is different, even for how we care for our kids, and we never know which direction things are going to turn.

    • Well with our long hours and commutes, that was the best answer. It has been a struggle to pick him up on time since traffic could really make me late. I will miss that flexibility in timing.

  10. It’s sad that your nanny is going, but I’m sure daycare will bring many new fun things! I hear that most kids learn a lot faster at daycare because they’re surrounded with so many other kids their age. I’m sure he’ll have a blast 🙂

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