DIY a Long Distance Care Package for your Spouse

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“You just want a boyfriend in a jar,” my friends would say to me. This was in back high school when all I really wanted was a boyfriend, but also my own life. So my friends would tease me that I needed a boyfriend I could store in a jar, and take out to play with whenever I wanted, and then put back on the shelf whenever I wanted to spend time with them instead.

It was funny at the time, but the concept stuck in my mind. Do I want a husband in a jar? Is that what I have now?

Being a military spouse means my husband is away often. Sometimes for just a few days. Sometimes for a year. Does that make him a “husband in a jar” who I only get to see on various occasions but goes back on the shelf so to speak when he is away on duty?

Perhaps. But perhaps I don’t want a husband in a jar after all.


I want to maintain a meaningful relationship with my spouse, even when he is not beside me. Date nights might be difficult to come by over long distance, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to stay connected and show our love for our spouse.

An excellent way to continue a date night ritual with your military spouse who is away is through a care package. Care packages can include anything you want, from small “stocking stuffer” type gifts, to love letters, to photos. You name it!

Cute Ideas for being apart

That’s why I love this Long Distance Love Kit from the Dating Divas. It has some adorable designs that I all I have to do is print and then write my special message. It saves me from having to doodle my own, and let’s face it – I can’t draw that well anyway.

While a silly drawing by me may be endearing once or twice, I would rather not send a bunch of things that look like my toddler drew them. That first impression and initial reaction last, and I want my care packages to look awesome and to put an immediate smile on his face before he even opens them.

The Long Distance Love Kit contains so many ideas for showing our spouse how much he means to us, across the miles. It really is the little things that bring us joy, and a sweet love note can go a long, long way.

The Long Distance Love Kit includes:

  • Long Distance Relationship Care Package – 10 blank love notes on Printable Box Flaps to personalize the box!
  • Long Distance Relationship Date in a Box – Ideas for staying connected like a DIY Location Pillow, Kissing Jar, and Star Gazing Bottle Invite.
  • Long Distance Relationship Gifts – An easy Countdown Tracker and Long Distance Prescription.
  • Long Distance Romance Tips – Some of the Divas’ favorite date ideas and marriage tips specifically for long distance relationships.
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It is a PDF with 21 pages of great ideas, bright and beautiful printables, and notes to help you make your significant other feel loved, even from far away.


Long distance relationships don’t have to mean you have a husband in a jar, even if you send him a jar of goodies in a care package.

Guess what! One of my awesome readers will win a kit of your own!

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If you don’t win a Long Distance Love Kit, be sure to pick up a copy.

Cute Ideas for when you're apart



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20 responses to “DIY a Long Distance Care Package for your Spouse

  1. Melissa

    THis is cute idea. When my husband and I were dating, we were in a long distant relationship and this would have been cute way to keep us connected.

  2. Sam L

    You just have to have faith in your significant other that they will be safe and that they won’t do anything stupid. My boyfriend and I had a long distance relationship for over 5 years and now we are together. Trust in each other!

  3. shannon fowler

    we had a year where i was in alaska and my fiancé was in michigan. we coped by planning trips, and once a week having “date night” where we would make the same dinner and watch the same movie or online shop.

  4. Daryl

    We spend a lot of time on skype and when we are sleeping we keep it connected to make it feel like we are in the same room.

  5. This is such a cute idea! My husband doesn’t travel often, but when he’s gone we usually just call/text/Skype. I think he would really love one of these care packages. I know I would!

  6. This is a very handy idea. The hubby goes on regular training missions and this would be a nice way to get ideas. Got to keep the bond. I really like printables. You are right, there’s only so many drawings they can take.

  7. I ran into the Dating Divas the other day – their site is so clean and professional! What a great idea to host a giveaway on your blog for spouses in long distance relationships! If I were in one I would be entering for sure!! Someone will be very lucky.

  8. Sweet idea! But, I’m thankful I met my husband AFTER he go out of the military!!! Sometimes though, he has to be on travel for work a week or more at a time. This would be a sweet idea to remember for those times.

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