Reminiscing about our Wedding Journey

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Hubby and I recently celebrated our 9th anniversary. It kind of is amazing to think so much time has passed already, but isn’t that life when you look at it in reverse? I thought it would be interesting to reminisce about the journey, especially after I saw that interesting infographic, below. So here we go, let’s embark on the memory journey.

Hubby and I met our senior year of high school. So yes, we are high school sweethearts. We dated through college (where we ultimately went together – he started at a junior college and transferred to our university after). I switched majors so he graduated a couple of quarters before me, even though he delayed starting by a quarter because he attended Army basic training.

Hubby proposed the weekend after Valentine’s day when I went home to visit for the weekend. I got to do my graduation photos while wearing my shiny new ring. Okay, so you can’t see it in this photo, but …


We were engaged for a year and a half. I graduated and went to work (interestingly, at the same company I am still with 10 years later), and he worked a little (as a security officer) before leaving for another Army training, this time as an Army officer.

We had to plan our wedding separated by the entire country since we were on opposite coasts. On his return drive back when he completed training, hubby-to-be stopped by the Houston area and looked at houses that we had selected. Then we spent the next few months purchasing the house we picked, and finalizing wedding plans.

We got married in Hawaii! Because this is me we’re talking about. Where else are you going to take photos like this?



We picked a package from a Hawaiian bridal company and everything was simple, compared to what most couples deal with when it comes to wedding planning. We only brought our immediate families to Hawaii with us, so I suppose it was sort of like eloping.

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I wanted the wonderful memories without all the stress. Not to say there wasn’t some stress, and there was still plenty of family drama, it was still a dream wedding.

My wedding colors were, interestingly, similar to this blog. A deep, rich, burgundy and a silver accent color. This blog’s colors are burgundy and gold if you haven’t noticed.

Upon our return back to California, we had a wedding reception, packed up what we had left – that wasn’t already shipped to our first house in the Houston area – and then we moved ourselves to Texas. I transferred with my awesome job, and Hubby started law school.

What a journey indeed. Years later we have moved to a different house in the Houston area and now have a child! Hubby is doing the Army JAG thing in addition to being an attorney in his civilian life. And yet, things might still be changing for us.

Life is very fluid and new opportunities can surprise you.

Share your wedding journey with me! How does your road compare to the stats in the infographic?

Wedding Paper Divas Road to Bliss Inforgraphic



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7 responses to “Reminiscing about our Wedding Journey

  1. This is the sweetest post. First of all, I love your graduation picture! Second, I think it’s amazing that you and your husband have been together 9 years and accomplished so much! Happy Anniversary!

    • Married for 9.. together for… 16? Sheesh! HAHA
      Yea I had to dig for those photos. Ended up getting them off Facebook, because finding them on old computer drives wasn’t gonna be quick.

  2. Oh how lovely, what a beautiful story and gorgeous wedding pictures. My sister and her husband have been together since they were 16 and I always feel a little bit of jealousy towards people that have such a wonderful history together. Congratulations on 9 years. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  3. Awww! Such a sweet story! And happy anniversary! It’s amazing how different planning is when you’re marrying a military man! Hubs and I did a good portion of our wedding planning when we were separated by an ocean. And that infographic is so neat! I love reading all those stats and details. 🙂

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