How to work on your clothing budget as a working mom

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weekly budget


Working moms are always juggling numerous responsibilities and managing almost everything. With such stress and pressure, it is hard to keep track of expenses on a wardrobe that can be the answer to all of their work wear wishes. We understand that it is hard to be well dressed along with being well… perfect, all the time. So, we decided to make things easier and come up with a cost-effective wardrobe at the same time.

Keep it Frugal on a Budget

weekly budget

You may not have restrictions regarding how much can you spend on your clothing and accessories, but you can’t go about spending every dollar on nothing but clothes. So, to keep everything in control, make sure you have a practical budget that can be feasibly practiced. You may or may not like the idea of budgeting but imagine how well-managed your expenses will be after you have a certain amount set for everything. Evaluate your daily clothing needs and see how you can work out on spending little but gaining more benefit out of it. You certainly don’t have to invest in numerous sartorial staples; just a few key pieces can be enough for your daily office needs. Decide what you need the most, and then starting from the most important to the least important, obtain the items you require. If the budget is exceeding your standard amount, you can cut a few items from the least important section of your list. This can help you prioritize and spend wisely without having to break the bank on your workplace wardrobe. When planning out your budget, keep the following in mind: your monthly income, other more essential expenses, the need to purchase new clothes, the amount of clothes you need to last for a long time, the most affordable shopping choices and sales that can help you shop more for less.

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Top To Bottom

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In most cases, what you mostly need to dress perfectly for work are some basic tops and bottoms that go well together, and you have to mix and match the appropriate clothes. However, to be smart about this, you can buy tops that are perfect for both work and other occasions. Same is the case with bottoms, all you need are some essential pieces, such as tailored pants, pencil skirts and a pair of jeans. You can buy bottoms in a few neutral colors so that they can be paired with various tops. Investing in a few good pairs of jeans and pencil skirts will give you an edge over your budget-friendly wardrobe. Opting for big brands and purchasing office wears and formals will only leave a big dent in your budget. You can get value for your money with purchases that are good in quality but are affordable. Pick up a few good tops and blouses in hues you mostly prefer. If your workplace allows you to wear some bold colors and some funky prints, then you can add the vibrancy through your tops or accessories, such as shoes, scarves, bagsor layers.

There will be days when you wouldn’t want to go with the same old separate top and bottom look, so you can invest in some flattering body-cons, quite similar to Jessica Pearson from Suits. To add a touch of perfection to this capsule wardrobe invest in one major layer, a coat in neutral colors will do great. You can make a great impression with what you wear, even if you repeat your outfits. The trick is to stick to your budget and prefer quality over quantity.

Shop for Shoes


Shoes are an essential part of your everyday outfits; they complete your entire look. To buy the right shoe you should always keep your budget along with comfort in mind. You’ll be spending hours in the same shoes and doing that in uncomfortable or poorly-made shoes can be as difficult as sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. A pair of flat pumps, heels, and some boots will do the trick for you. Again, the keep colors neutral so that you don’t have to worry about them looking out of place with any outfit. It is okay to invest a little extra on shoes because you will not be shoe shopping as frequently as you shop for clothes.

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Accessorize For Perfection


You may leave out some items from this section but accessories can add more flawlessness to your everyday wardrobe. Bags hold great importance for work wardrobes; however, buying bags of every color, size and style is silly. When shopping for bags look for durability, space and ease. Bags that are not big enough to hold all your work and other essentials are just a waste of money. You can be flexible with style and colors but tote, structured or messenger bags are the right choice for work. You can buy a watch and a few pieces of versatile but not too fancy jewelry.

Preparing a low-cost yet stylish work wardrobe isn’t that big a deal. All you have to do is keep your budget and dressing goals in mind and you’ll have all that you need.



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