Springtime Messy Moments are Fun

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This #SCJMessyMoments campaign was sponsored by SC Johnson through Acorn Influence. All opinions are mine.

I remember a time when keeping a home clean was not a big deal. A house without kids and with minimal pets just doesn’t get too dirty. It was just me and my parents (and one cat) growing up, so I was raised doing plenty of chores and learned how to keep a house looking good. Fast forward to the present, and I have a handful of cohabitants in my house who like to cause trouble. From oldest to youngest: the husband (my first trouble maker when it comes to messiness), two dogs, a cat, and now the Toddler.

It has been a very rainy month so far, and that means the critters who enjoy playing outside (by this, I mean the dogs and the Toddler), are constantly dragging in some mud or grass. Of course, springtime also means the air is full of allergens. Runny noses and itchy eyes are a common spring side-effect, and so keeping dust at bay is an important springtime task.

This rainy weather also means the Toddler goes a little stir-crazy when the yard is too muddy for play or the rains are too heavy to even venture outside. Stir-crazy toddlers tend to create extra messes in the house, don’t they? This little Toddler of mine keeps me on my toes and my furniture and surfaces covered in sticky fingerprints.

Of course there is one more exciting part of spring we can’t overlook: egg decorating! My little one is 16 months old, so he might be a bit on the young side for serious egg decorating, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little silly play time with paints anyway.

My Toddler got to decorate his very first egg, and he was quite confused by the colorful paints and the tray. We tried to use the paintbrush, but he was much more interested in sticking his fingers directly in the paint and rubbing them all over the egg. It was all quite fun until he decided it was time to turn the tray over and wear the paint. He made quite a mess on his high chair (which is a gender-bending purple since it previously was used by my niece) and he earned himself an extra bath.

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Not to worry, Pledge® comes to the rescue! Life’s messy moments are no match for SC Johnson products that make clean up a breeze. The Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray is great for furniture and many surfaces, including wood, plastic, granite, and marble. It also removes dust and 90% of the allergens found in dust. That’s great news for our itchy eyes and runny noses!  Pledge® is easy to use, and easy to shop for at Walmart.


I easily found it in the home cleaning aisle while grocery shopping at Walmart recently. That was quite a busy aisle with everyone stocking up for their spring cleaning plans. There it was, eye-level and easy to reach for this 5’3″ lady.



I had it ready for our little egg decorating project since I had a feeling it was going to get a bit messy. Our project had a nice effect of tiring my Toddler out, so he went to take a nap and I got to the task of cleaning.

Here we go: before, and after. What a difference. The high chair is now ready for dinner time and my kitchen smells lemony fresh.

wp-1458422596031.jpeg wp-1458422635337.jpeg

I got a bit excited with the cleaning and worked on my kitchen counters as well. Look how my island shines!


Thanks, Pledge®, for helping the task of keeping our house clean to not be a big deal. I’ll put you away safely out of reach until our next Toddler messy moment.

What are the messy moments in your house?


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15 responses to “Springtime Messy Moments are Fun

  1. Pledge has certainly changed since I was in the US – I didn’t know they had a multisurface cleaner. I remember being little and my grandma would let me dust her furniture – I would always spray so much Pledge on the table, it would make a white film that I’d make designs in with the dust cloth 🙂

    • Totally a distinct scent! I’m impressed that he tried to do the egg thing, cause I expected him to toss it off the high chair and complain. So yay he actually sort of did an activity. His first crafty time!

  2. I love Pledge! Nothing smells as good! And your little guy did a great job making a mess! Our messy moments are every single meal. I have no idea how, but food gets everywhere. I’m about ready to wrap everything in plastic layers, and just peel off a messy layer after every meal.

    • I love love love pledge. It reminds me of my childhood and I love the smell. I didn’t know that they had a product that cleaned multiple surfaces. I really want to check this out because I love trying different cleaning products.

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