How I Re-branded My Blog, Part 2

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How I Rebranded My Blog

So, hurray! I have finished with this difficult task of re-branding. Well, at least enough to “launch” and move forward.

I finished my new branded design and as you can see, it is quite a bit different. I am using the lovely Tweak Me theme and I was able to customize the way everything looks. I love the options and being able to pick fonts, colors, sizes, everything for each and every piece – header, footer, sidebar, widgets, font headings, blockquotes, etc etc. What do you think of my new look? I hope you like it ’cause it was a lot of work.

After I backed up everything, I changed the URL in WordPress. That was easy and I was worried I might get locked out of the blog, but I was able to sign back in using the new admin file path and it was good to go. I am keeping my primary domain as VRnet in my hosting package for now. It isn’t hurting anything and is easier not to mess with that for now.

Then I used a plugin to change all the instances of with In hindsight, I should have bought the pro version so I could control which instances changed. For example this first sentence of the paragraph, the VRnet domain name needed to remain, but would have been replaced when I did “replace all instances”. But, live and learn. I went back through recent posts to put it right, but the main issue I wanted to fix was the file path of all the links and images.

Then I came across a problem I wasn’t anticipating, and it kind of put me out of commission for a short bit of time. People weren’t able to comment using the new URL. A permissions error kept coming up. I submitted a ticket to my hosting and they eventually figured out that a previous security plugin had updated my .htaccess file with specific instructions that only worked under my previous domain name. So accessing that part of the database with my new domain name wasn’t working. I thought I had all the techy stuff figured out, but that one stumped me and I had no idea that was even a problem. There were a couple of days there where I didn’t touch the blog at all, and I spent some of that time reading more. So that was a silver lining.

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Do I still have work to do? Of course!

  • I still have to go through my previous posts and update the featured images with the new branded look. I’ll start with the most popular posts first. Soon. Maybe.
  • It probably would be a good idea to look through every page and post to make sure everything loads correctly and isn’t written confusingly for the old name. Someday.

But what I really want to focus on is moving forward. I want to create more awesome content under the new branding to excite my readers and grow this blog. I want this blog to go places it hasn’t gone before yet. I want it to work for me as hard as I have been working for it, heh. I want to be one of those awesome bloggers.

Please do let me know if you notice something amiss.  I’ll give you a cookie.

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Have you ever rebranded a blog?

 How I Rebranded My Blog



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14 responses to “How I Re-branded My Blog, Part 2

  1. Wow, you’ve done a very good job with it. What a responsive theme you’ve got. I’ve spent more time than I want to know, looking for a theme I like. You’re definitely on way towards being one of those awesome bloggers, not that you weren’t one before. 🙂

    Really hoping with you that your blog now works for you, the way you’ve worked for it. 🙂

  2. Very nice. I’ve never rebranded, but I have redesigned several times and I made the jump to WP last year. It’s much nicer, but more options means more work and complexity. I’m currently doing an intense blog/marketing course. It’s a lot of work, but my ad income has already doubled, so I guess it’s working. It went from “not very much” to “twice as not very much”, but still – progress.

    • You’re right, progress is progress 🙂 I’ve had better luck working with brands than doing ads – I just don’t have the pageviews for that yet.

  3. I went through rebranding in July and I am still tweaking and narrowing my focus. The process is neverending, isn’t it. I like the new look.

  4. Who do you host through? That’s so awesome they were able to help you with the commenting issue! I think this series is great for people who are scared to rebrand.

    • Hostgator, I mentioned in Part 1 that I upgraded from the “hatchling” plan to the “baby” plan to add a second domain. I might move my book blog under this account too when it is up for renewal, since there isn’t a point in paying for separate hosting if my account can hold more than one domain now.

    • Aww thanks Erin, glad you’re enjoying my journey. I hope you find a mistake too because that means you’re paying attention – cause I know there have to be mistakes somewhere. And you can have a virtual cookie anwyay 🙂

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