2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone in Your Family

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This is partially a sponsored post written by me on behalf of jxstar for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Please note that I may be compensated for sharing some items on my gift guides, but opinions and the decision to feature the items are my own!

Are you ready for the holidays? I’ve been busy putting together some exciting gift guides for you this year! Yes, guides. More than one!  I’ll highlight some great goodies from all the lists here and point you to where you can see more ideas!


Gift Ideas for Kids that are Unique and Individual

Some companies specialize in personalized and fun gifts.  Lost My Name is one of these brilliant companies and they sent me this awesome alphabet poster. Check out the unique creatures and characters hanging out with each letter. A fun way to teach a kid his ABCs! I love how customizable this is, from the picture of the little boy character on the top to the colors and even the option to order a hanging frame. This gift will certainly grow with my toddler over time as he begins to discover letters and learn his name.


Lost My Name has other magical keepsakes that make wonderful gifts such as their newest book, The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home. This one is great for kids to enjoy a space adventure and finally make it home to their own house. It’s a perfect gift if you’re in your forever home.



A fun personalized letter from Santa would be exciting for kids, too.

Another company that makes lovely personalized books is ISeeMe.  I received a lovely “Who loves me” book and got to personalize the names on every page. You can read a more detailed review here and one of the photos is below. They have many other options for personalized books you can peruse and customize.


ISeeMe is having their “Great Jingle Sale” – check out the details:
Save 20% on orders under $50 HOLIDAY20
Save 25% on order $51-$119 HOLIDAY25
Save 30% on order $120 or more HOLIDAY30
The Great Jingle Sale, Save up to 30%!

Customize It All on Zazzle


Gift Ideas for Family Bonding

Grab these awesome activity books for toddlers and preschoolers and never run out of fun ideas you can do together! The DISCOVER + PLAY + ENGAGE + LEARN eBooks have a combined 20 weeks of activities. Fun ways to get kids moving, work on fine motor, do arts and craft projects and have fun as a family! Each weekly plan includes a  supply list and activities broken down to know exactly what to do in a simple sentence or two.




Get in the holiday spirit with the 12 Days of Christmas gift packs. Each night for the 12 nights leading up to Christmas, use this festive printable pack to leave little surprises for a lucky family member.

12 Days of Christmas from The Dating Divas


Teaching kids a second language is a fun way to bond and learn together. Flashcards, games, and activities are great ways to explore language and promote learning. Gift a subscription to Kid’s Candor, a company that creates bilingual education subscription kits. See an example of the bilingual subscription kit we received below.


Another great way to bond as a family? Movie nights! You know I’m right! You can get some great deals on some Disney favorites by joining the Disney Movie Club.

Give your kids a subscription to Highlights Magazine, and have fun reading and doing puzzles together as a family! I loved these as a kid!

Teach your kids to cook real food, and have them help you in the kitchen!


For bookish moms who want to raise bookish kids, here is a book to help set up an intentional bookshelf for the littles! I love to read and have a 7-bookshelf library in my house. I want my son to be a book lover as well, so selecting fun and intentional books is a brilliant way to build a bookshelf while growing a love of learning.  I liked how this book went into not just examples of different types of books for various ages and reading stages, but also gave some recommendations of family favorites to get us started. I also really enjoyed the ideas to venture outside the book and do projects and activities based on the books being read.

Gift Ideas for New Moms

These lovely bath bombs from my friends at Azalea Pine Bathworks.


This super awesome baby carrier from Ergobaby! Because it allows her to hold the baby close, while still having her hands free. I absolutely love mine and am getting a bit sad that my toddler is growing past the weight at which I am able to carry him around for very long.
300x250 Banner Ad from Love Carries On Ad Campaign


The gift of freezer meals would be a wonderful gift for a new mom. Learning how to streamline meal time in bulk for weeks in advance can be so helpful.

>> You can see more ideas for new moms on my post: Gift Ideas that any New Mom will Love.

Gift Ideas for Toddlers

My toddler loves loves loves shape shorter toys. I recently got him this one and it is great for bringing along with us as well.


These wooden sorter toys are brilliant!

baby gear toys surprises at mbeans.com

This adorable blanket from Blue BabyBum.

My little man learned a new word recently: airplane. And he repeats it every time one flies overhead! So this soft and beautiful blanket is a perfect gift for him! I can send it with him to daycare so he can take his naps with it, cuddled up in the soft folds with his new favorite word.

This would be a great baby blanket as well as a toddler blanket, a good item to have in the car on the go or in the house. One can never have too many soft blankets.



>> You can see the complete Toddler toy gift guide in my post Fun and Fantastic Gift Ideas for Toddlers for $25 or less.
You might also like: The Best Educational Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers.



Gift Ideas for Teachers, Nannies, or Babysitters

Who doesn’t love a fun teacher mug?


Can’t go wrong with a coloring book for someone who colors so much with your child, right?

>> See the rest of this gift guide on my post: Inspiring Gift Ideas for Teachers, Nannies, or Babysitters.

Gift Ideas for Little Girls

If you have a little girl in your life, whether your daughter or niece, here is an adorable gift idea! This dress is so cute, and fun, and spunky, and sweet (pun intended). The  design includes candies, macaroons, donuts, and cupcakes. How adorable is that? These dresses are long-sleeved and knee-length so can be worn during the holidays as well as other seasons. The cotton dresses are soft and pretty for all the princesses in your life.

You can find this and other designs on jxstarkid. Cropped dabffc4b 1a18 4a66 8a67 47ba12556eac

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Gift Ideas for Spouses who Love Star Wars

I’m kind of mesmerized by cups that change when you add hot liquids.

>> You can see the complete Star Wars gift guide in my post Gift Ideas for the Star Wars Fan in your Life that are Out of This World.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

This road tape is fun for all car and train enthusiasts. PlayTape Classic Road 2 Pack

Got any doodlers in your life? Wikki Stix For Doodlers

>> See more stocking stuffer ideas on my post: Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Under $15

Gift Ideas for Giving Parents Peace of Mind

Give the gift of Tile, which helps you quickly find your items. Is someone in your family constantly losing their keys? Or travels a lot and is fearful of pickpockets?

Tile will help them track their important items. Find them with your phone. If your Tile is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it. Talk about catching a pickpocket in action!

What if you can’t find your phone? Double press any one of your Tiles and your lost phone will ring (even on silent).

My husband is always losing something. Seriously, on a regular basis. This would be perfect to help him keep things close and stop the constant search for his phone or his keys or something else.


My son is not a mobile device user, yet. YET. He’s already interested in them and even though the remote control is a phone most days, he always notices if I’m watching a video or chatting on my phone. Maybe not this year, maybe not even next, but soon – soon I’ll need to plan for internet safety on our devices to protect the little guy. That’s why gifting Mobicip is a great idea. Give parents peace of mind for their families.
My lovely readers can get a 10% discount with code: 6E90M8.

Why not gift your child a toy subscription, with Pley? Kids play with the coolest educational toys and parents save money, reduce clutter and help the environment. Kids pick a toy and it gets directly delivered to their door with free shipping.  Once kids have finished playing with their toy, they can simply swap it out for a different one. No more wasting money on toys that are left gathering dust on your shelves. 

Pley - Rent Preschool toys


Give parents the gift of peace of mind on an airplane with the Cares Safety Restraint System harness. It attaches to the airplane seat and seat belt to provide shoulder restraints in addition to the lap belt. This not only increased the safety of my child’s flight but kept him in place.


Gift Ideas for Him

These JORD Wood Watches make great gifts not only because they are stylish and absolutely fabulous, but also the presentation of the package itself. The watches arrive in a beautiful wooden box and sit on top of a pillow – so the gift wrapping is essentially done for you!


Do you have a coffee aficionado in your home? You know we parents can’t start the day without at least a cup (or a giant travel coffee container) to jumpstart our brains.
An espresso maker might be a fun gift for everyone to enjoy.

>> See more gift ideas for him on my post: Gift Ideas for Husbands, Fathers, or other Gentlemen in our lives.

What gifts are you planning for your loved ones?



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  2. These are great ideas! I gave all my nieces and nephews personalized books for Xmas last year and they were a huge hit! Thanks Julie!
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