Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

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Earlier this summer we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We had a lovely destination wedding on the beach, and I really recommend destination weddings for other couples. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider having a destination wedding.


5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

  1. Your wedding photos will be gorgeous. Whether your background is the serene beach, extravagant gardens, ancient ruins or a modern city skyline, nothing comes close to taking your wedding photos in an exotic location. I absolutely love going through my wedding album and looking at our beautiful beach and sunset photos. There is something simply magical about taking photos in a wedding gown on the beach.
  2. Smaller, intimate guest list. Having a destination wedding allows you to be selective with your guest list, giving you the chance to invite only those closest to you to join you on this special trip if you so wish. We got married with only both sets of our parents and my sister-in-law present. It was lovely to have a smaller ceremony and be more focused on sharing the moment with close family rather than dividing yourself over a hundred other guests who you may only see once a year. This option worked out better for us since we have family split up over both coasts, having one large wedding where everyone could attend just wasn’t possible. Rather than excluding many people who couldn’t travel, we had a simple ceremony with just the closest relatives.
  3. Honeymoon? Check. One great aspect of a destination wedding is you’re already at your exotic honeymoon location. No additional travel is required and you can dive right into your amazing vacation.
  4. You’ll make wonderful memories. Getting acquainted with the local culture and history, and of course going on exciting location-specific adventures, makes for some fun stories to bring home with you. Of course, let’s not forget the wonderful local cuisine you will get to experience. Is there a better way to commemorate starting a new life together than to share in new experiences?
  5. Planning is easier. Wedding planning can be really stressful, but the great part about a destination wedding is you can pick and choose from wedding packages. Someone else has done the work for you, selecting vendors, putting together deals, and all you have to do is pick from a list and say yes I want this, and no let’s skip that. Done. I book everything online with just a few emails back and forth with the organizer.
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I’m sure you can agree that a destination wedding is a great idea. If you’re considering a destination wedding in the States or are planning on getting married abroad, take a look at this free guide that contains great ideas and information about international destination weddings.

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5 responses to “Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

  1. If I wasn’t considering a destination wedding before, I will be now. I love the idea of the packages the most; what treat if what you expect is what happens. A beach is a fab location; I bet you’ve got lots of good pics 🙂

  2. THey always do look beautiful, but I wanted to be surrounded by my friends and family. We didn’t have a large guest list, but everyone there was near and dear to us. Plus we were able to have family and friends take care of the catering, photography, music, and more!

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