Help Me Decide on a Holiday Card

Posted October 8, 2015 by Julie in Gift Guides, Reviews / 11 Comments

I had my special little baby last November, and suddenly navigating the waters of being a new Mom got a bit overwhelming. I skipped doing any kind of Christmas cards, and I also didn’t do any birth announcements. I’ve received some lovely birth announcements in the past, and have always wondered how the new parents had the time/energy/focus to get those done. I certainly didn’t have any of that when Baby H joined our family. So now I’m coming up on his first birthday, and another Holiday season is soon to be upon us too. I plan to do custom Holiday/Christmas cards with photos of my little man, and as I was looking through the lovely card options at Minted, I found their adorable “baby’s first Christmas” section. I think these distracted me for a half hour or more, just saying “aww” why didn’t I do these? I mean, look at this beautiful card idea. How adorable would that have been last year? If I had a time machine…


But again, distracted. Let’s focus on what this post is supposed to be about, which is selecting this year’s Holiday cards. Since there are so many wonderful options, I’m a little bit stuck. I know I want a multi-photo card so I can include some photos of my baby’s first year, and maybe even a photo of all of us if we can get a good one. But I just can’t decide. I thought that maybe my lovely readers can help me out. Here are some of the options I have been looking at, please let me know which you like best, and why!

Option 1: A 6-photo “Be Merry” card. Pros: Simple, cute, lots of photos. Cons: Maybe not that festive.


Option 2: 9 photo. “Oh What Fun”, 2015 in review. Pros: Symmetrical, lots of photos, a little festive. Cons: No wide shot photos.


Option 3: 6 photo “Joy”. Pros: Elegant design. Love the snowflake. Cons: two wide photos, I don’t know if we have any. Not very festive.

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Option 4: 12 photos! “It’s Been A Very Merry Year”. Pros: Lots of pictures. Cons: Isn’t very festive.


Option 5:  “So Very Merry”. Pros: festive and fun. Cons: 5 smaller photos.


So which one do you like?


Which Holiday Card Should I Pick?

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11 responses to “Help Me Decide on a Holiday Card

  1. I had my second baby three years ago and I still haven’t gotten it together to do holiday cards! I have to get on that!
    I do love Minted, though.
    I like option #3!

  2. It really is hard to pick. The good news is that you have enough lead tome to make sure you get the kind of shots you want. So just make sure to take those wide shots to fit into the designs you like.

    • Thanks Rabia 🙂 Yes we do have some time, maybe the type of pictures I end up being able to pick from will help select a style. Did you vote?

  3. I really love #1. I think its just festive enough. It looks modern and you have a decent size picture option with many pictures to pick and use. If I was focusing more on the children then I would pick #5 just because its more elementary looking. Definitely do cards. They are my favorite part of Christmas. I love to make ours, or pick out special ones. I also cherish all the ones I receive. Whatever your choice, do cards. I am sure they will be beautiful no matter which ones you chose, and your right. Minted is a great place for cards. Thanks for sharing, I follow along…

    • I really like #1 too. I think picking the red background is enough for festivity. I do enjoying seeing what photos people pick. We don’t have much to choose from with all 3 of us though so we need to work on that. I can fill up all these cards with just photos of the baby heh. Thanks Crystal!

  4. I don’t pay attention to the “festive” part of the card, but the photos in the card… I want to see that my friends/family are experiencing life – sometimes this includes sharing “real” moments not just the “picture perfect” ones. The photos you choose make the card festive or not… that bottom one with all the festivity is just too “busy” for me.

    • I agree that the photos are the most important part, and that last one is a bit on the busy side. I’m hoping we’ll be able to get some good photos to use, maybe when my parents are in town for my little’s first birthday I’ll have them take a few with all 3 of us. I have tons of photos of just the baby, but we’re not in very many pics, and I think our faces should be on the card too heh. Thanks Angie!

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