Tips for Attending a Drive-in Movie

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A few weeks ago I had my very first drive-in movie experience. We went to see Jurassic World at the Showboat Drive-In with another family. I was super excited about this because Hubby and I can’t go to a movie together without having to pay for babysitting, so we haven’t gone to a movie together yet. This way, not only could we see a movie and bring the baby with us, but I could even nurse during the movie from the privacy of my car. Score! But, being inexperienced with this type of movie viewing style, we definitely learned a few things to do differently next time. So here are some tips based on our experience going to a drive-in movie that I wanted to share.

Tips for Attending a Drive-in Movie

  1. Bring lawn chairs, or sit in the back of your truck. We took my SUV thinking we would need to idle during the movie to have A/C (I mean, even in the evening, it is HOT in Texas). So we didn’t bring hubby’s truck since it is a diesel and in high idle we thought it would be too loud. As it turns out, the theater does not allow vehicles to sit in idle. So, we had to sit with our windows open to allow for a small breeze, which really didn’t work that well. Baby and I ended up overheating and I watched most of the movie standing up next to my car holding him. If we had taken Hubby’s truck, we could have parked it backward and sat in the bed on some blankets or lawn chairs with his car seat next to us.
  2. Bring snacks/food. Since you’re driving in your own vehicle, you are able to bring your own snacks with you.  We actually grabbed some drive-thru fast food and brought it with us to eat/drink during the movie. That was fun.
  3. Get there early to get a good parking spot near the screen. The movie starts at dusk, but people start arriving way early to hang out, tailgate, eat, whatever. If you end up getting there late and park near the back there might be issues with visibility (since the parking lot is not stadium seating like a regular movie theater). Plus, every time someone decides they want to move their car or leave early, everyone behind them gets bright lights in their eyes. Although if you arrive in a tall vehicle you may be asked to park in the back anyway.
  4. Bring a portable radio if you will not sit inside your car. To listen to the movie you have to tune to a specific radio station. Next time we plan to sit outside the car or in the bed of the truck so we can bring a portable radio to have the speakers right next to us.
  5. Follow general etiquette. Even though you can watch a movie in your own car, you are still out in public and do not want to ruin the experience for others. Turn off your headlights so when you turn your car back on you won’t immediately shine bright lights on people while you’re waiting to be able to exit. Don’t tap your breaks – it is really annoying to the people behind you. Keep conversations to a minimum. If you eat, throw your wrappers into the garbage.
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Do you have any drive-in movie tips to share?



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36 responses to “Tips for Attending a Drive-in Movie

  1. Great tips. The Drive-In was one of the first movie experiences for my son. He was only 2 at the time and we thought that would be better than taking him to the theatre. He loved it and still remembers it! Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

    • Ooh now that is awesome that he still remembers growing up going to the drive-in! I hope to have similar memories with our son 🙂 Thanks Amy!

  2. I’ve never been to a drive-in movie but would love to! These are such great pointers for when we go. Thanks for sharing at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

  3. I use to love going to drive-ins as a child. Unfortunately I can’t stay up that late anymore! Great tips! Thanks for linking up to Small Victories Sunday Link Up!

  4. Aw we don’t have drive in movies over here (I don’t think!) but I’ve always thought they were a great idea, but I can just imagine how overheated you were but at least you know for next time!

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix Stevie x

  5. Great tips! I haven’t been to a drive-in since they closed the local one down when I was a kid! It’s been a long time! This makes me want to find out where the nearest one is!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

  6. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a drive in! Reading your post has me motivated to find one near me. I’ll definitely be referring back here for tips if I can find one. Thank you so much for linking up at the Happy Home Life!

  7. I would so love to experience a proper drive in movie but they just don’t have them here in the UK. I didn’t know you had to tune in via the radio though so I’ve learnt something today! Luckily we got babysitters so we could go watch Jurassic World 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  8. I am 41 in 2 weeks time and I have NEVER been to a drive-in. Well, that is going to change by the time the next one comes round. They must do them somewhere here in the UK?!? Thanks for the tips. #TwinklyTuesday

  9. Awesome tips! I’ve gone twice – once while sitting in a car and another time in a big group (lawn chairs, table, pizza, the works!) What’s also helpful is to have jumper cables in the event your (or someone else’s) battery doesn’t have enough juice to start the car after the movie. Other than that, have fun!

  10. I must admit I need supreme comfort if I’m going to see a movie. Drive-ins are not my dive but I know many have fun there. What do you do about mosquitoes?

  11. Jane

    These are great tips for going to a drive-in. We don’t have any where I live now. But in my hometown we used to go quite often, a fun family night out!

  12. My additional tip is to bring a change of clothes for everyone. We took the family to a drive in on father’s day (funny enough, to see the same movie) and when I was changing my daughter she projectile pooped all over me! Luckily I had a towel that would fit around my bottom that I was able to wear during the movie.

    It’s great though, I nursed too! And my son watched the beginning of the movie and then when he got bored he sat in the back seat and played games on my phone. It was kind of perfect. I will definitely bring snacks next time, and bringing a portable radio is a great idea!

    • Ooh that’s a great tip. Yes you definitely don’t want to be caught in a situation where you have to rush home and change. Gotta love the projectile blowouts, huh? Yay that we had a similar movie going experience!

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