13 Reasons Why Breastfeeding is still the Best for Moms and Babies

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13 Reasons Why Breastfeeding is still the Best for Moms and Babies


We can read it on signs in hospitals, through advertisements, in every pediatrician’s clinics and every parenting website, books or magazines available.

While it is a personal decision for a mother to breastfeed her baby or not, advocates and health experts strongly recommend every mom to engage in breastfeeding because of its various health benefits and other advantages.

As a mother myself, I would agree that doing such requires commitment, hard work, and energy. The whole thing is stressful and equates to sleepless nights. Some days were frustrating and drained but hey! Seeing our babies healthy is more than enough motivation.

Below is a short list of why you should continue breastfeeding. We believe that this will help you decide to say yes to pumping and giving your child the best food that they deserve.


  1. It tightens the special bond between mother and child. Breastfeeding promotes closeness and comfort between the mom and her baby. It allows the latter to feel secure and loved. As you cuddle him or her in your arms while feeding, they feel the warmth of your body, the gentle of your touch and the sincerity in your voice. The skin-to-skin contact enables the child to thrive emotionally.
  2. It offers the right number of vitamins, proteins, essential nutrients, antibodies and fats to nourish your growing baby. Likewise, breastmilk can change its composition so it can meet your child’s specific needs such as when they are sick.
  3. It also promotes ease of digestion in newborns compared to formula milk. Babies that are formula-feed tend to experience diarrhea and constipation as commercial formulas can’t match the exact composition of breast milk.
  4. Because it contains antibodies, breastfed babies tend to have a stronger immune system and can fight off viruses and disease-causing bacteria. Thus, it lowers their risk of having allergies, respiratory illnesses, and infection. That would mean fewer trips to the doctor.
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  1. There are studies and various research which link breastfeeding to children with higher IQ scores and ratings on their academic performances later in life.
  2. Sweet-smelling poop! Moms will agree about this especially if they already experienced it. Formula-feed babies usually have stools that smell like adult poop, and this is because of the remnants left that the baby couldn’t digest.
  3. Breastfeeding can also help you burn the extra calories you gained while you’re pregnant. This is because a lactating mom tends to spend at least 500 calories daily so if you are only consuming 1500 calories, you can lose 2 lbs. in a month. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one can shed weight. It will still depend if you are eating the healthy options or not.
  4. Moms can expect for plenty of health benefits such as reduced in uterine bleeding, lowers risk of ovarian and breast cancer and delays menstruation for a while.



  1. Breastfeeding means saving! You don’t have to buy formula milk every time which is convenient and thrifty. Just imagine how much you are going to save compared to buying commercialized baby milk.
  2. Aside from that, we cannot argue the breastfeeding is very convenient. Feedings will be a lot easier since you don’t have to boil water, sterile bottles and nipples or prepare milk in the wee hours of the night. You are also sure that the milk is fresh and safe for your baby to drink.
  3. The benefits don’t stop. Even if you are about to go back to work or school, or needs to run errands, you can express breastmilk and leave it for your baby. Some moms are also able to produce more milk and donate it to hospitals or centers.
  4. While ensuring your child’s health, you are also contributing to having a clean and better environment. While breastfeeding, you are reducing waste packaging as well as your share of carbon footprint.
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Nursing or breastfeeding a baby might not be for every mom, but we will not guilt trip them. It could be due to a more personal reason or condition. But if you are blessed and able to breastfeed your child, might as well grab the opportunity and enjoy its benefits.

13 Reasons Why Breastfeeding is still the Best for Moms and Babies

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